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Grandson Releases Second Single ‘Drones’ From Upcoming Album ‘I Love You, I’m Trying’

Grandson released the second singe of his upcoming album I Love You, I’m Trying today. The single is called Drones.

Grandson has been back recently with new music and he has been teasing a lot of it. Going so far that he even played a little bit of the single that will come after Drones. It’s now been a little less than a month since the first single released and there is still no release date known for the album.

Even though that the album release date isn’t out yet, his tour has already been selling out in some places. So much that he even said that he would be announcing second shows in certain places in the world. Grandson also announced that VIP tickets would be coming to Europe too.

Stream Grandson his second single from I Love You, I’m Trying, ‘Drones‘ is out now. You can stream it below!

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Aspen van der Wijst