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Counterparts Release New Single, Announce New Album

Counterparts have released a new single and teased a new album.

The Canadian-based band released their new song titled Unwavering Vow along with their explosive new music video on YouTube which accompanies the track. In the video, the scenes flicker from shots of the band bathed in a deep red light, to a woman traveling slowly up a set of stairs until she reaches a room with a television in it.

Unwavering Vow balances nicely with metalcore, but also has some quieter sections that make the song unique and give listeners a chance to catch their breath. It is dark and melancholic, haunting and beautiful. The song is a great refresher to the Counterparts sound since their album release Nothing Left to Love, which was released in 2019.

In addition to the single and video, Counterparts have announced the name of their new album called A Eulogy for Those Still Here, which will release on October 7th through their label Pure Noise Records.

The tracklist looks like this:

  1. 07/26/2020
  2. Whispers of Your Death
  3. Bound to the Burn
  4. Unwavering Vow
  5. Skin Beneath a Scar
  6. Sworn to Silence
  7. What Mirrors Might Reflect
  8. Soil II
  9. Flesh to Fill Your Wounds
  10. A Mass Grave of Saints

Which song are you most excited to hear? Check out the music video for Unwavering Vow and stream the single on Spotify!

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