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Cane Hill Release New Track ‘A Form Of Protest’

Cane Hill’s new single demonstrates the band’s continuously evolving sound

Only 3 months after the release of their EP Krewe D’Amour, Vol II, Cane Hill is back with another classic post-2000s nu-metal track, A Form of Protest, their first release under their new label Out Of Line Music.

Since their debut self-titled EP, the metalcore quartet has been continuously able to evolve the nuances of their sound without straying far from the genres that define them sonically, granting the listener an experience of both a unique and familiar form of metal.

With the release of Krewe D’Amour, Vol II, Cane Hill once again jumped knee-deep into a more progressive form of metal, allowing for the juxtaposition of classic prog-rock and archetypical metal sounds.

A Form of Protest further develops this new direction with an acidic, heavy-handed, and deeply enjoyable djent experience. The track is absolutely one of the most hard-hitting in Cane Hill’s discography, and vocalist Elijah Witt’s delivery over the increasingly staccato instrumental brings the pummeling sonic experience to a satisfying synthesis.

Listen to the new track below and let us know what you think!

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Aiden Rodgers