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Leah Kate @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: Leah Kate & Lølø Bring TikTok-Pop To Amsterdam

Leah Kate was in Amsterdam on November 8th. However, she didn’t come alone. She brought Lølø and Victoria Anthony with her to open for her. Leah Kate came here for her first headline tour after she’d already been touring as an opening act for Madison Beer. We had the pleasure to be there!

We arrived sometime after Victoria Anthony played, but the venue was quite full already. We only had to wait a few minutes before Lølø came on stage. She has a unique stage presence and interacts with fans in a great way. She also made her band part of the show. The guitarist put on a wig at one point and sang Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus with her. The music was a bit TikTok-pop with a bit of rock mixed in, this made for a great atmosphere among the fans. The people who came for Lølø were also quite noticeable. With the often yelled: “I love you!” to which she always replied that she loves them too.

The music playing in between sets was louder than usual. With often a song in between that went viral on TikTok. No one seemed to mind that it was loud because everyone sang along to all the viral songs. Ending with World’s Smallest Violin by AJR. Leah Kate came on stage after that last song. She got welcomed with ear-deafening cheering from the crowd, which was quite impressive because the crowd was 300 people at most. Everyone was able to sing all the songs along with her. In between the songs she often told stories about her own life, and what was going on with her. She eventually ended her setlist with her most well-known song: 10 Things I Hate About You. If you’re a fan of Leah Kate or Lølø, I’d definitely recommend to go see them live. They put up a performance that any fan would be happy with.

Check out the pictures we took there below!


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