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On the 21st of May, the day started bright; the sun shined over Leeds giving a positive start for that night where the city would be graced with the artist MARINA (formally known as Marina and The Diamonds). The diamonds (otherwise known as Marina’s fanbase) were overwhelmed when waking up, knowing they would be so close to MARINA that night in the Leeds University Refectory.

When pulling up to the venue, fans were lined in clumps all the way around the building, glitter and sparkles were everywhere to be seen. Fans wearing shirts from previous albums Froot and Electra Heart with many people also dressed in leather skirts, studded shoes and even many painted denim jackets. Excitement radiated from the queue, it had been a long wait for this day, and you could tell from the looks on fans’ faces, how much it meant to them to be there, how big of an event this was going to be for them.

The time had come, the doors burst open, and the queue started to flood into a large dimly lit room with a merchandise stall standing at the end. Fans who were filled with pure adrenaline ran to the barriers in the high hopes to be the closest to MARINA and the opening acts.

After an hour of music, the room filling up and the heat starting to battle the crowd, the stage lit up. And out came Maeve, the first opening act. Maeve was delightful, their songs had the crowd jumping up and down and screaming. The venue became hot, very hot as the crowd got more and more into the opening act. Maeve had great crowd control taking many times to break and talk to the crowd.

After the amazing Maeve, out came the second opening act, Tove Styrke, and the crowd went crazy as she walked on stage. Throughout her performance, she danced sensually as she sang which caused wild shouting from the crowd as they loved her and her songs. She even played her new song that will be coming out in a few weeks, you you you.

The crowd became silent as songs started to play over the speakers and the lights stayed dim. The room felt like a sauna, fans had sweat dripping down their faces and people were putting up their hands for water. And this was just after the opening act! Suddenly after half an hour of songs, the stage lit a ravishing red and the crowd howled in desperation; it was time!

MARINA came out, ready to give a breathtaking performance. She started with Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land from her newest album with the same name. Gearing up for a hot and sweaty evening fans danced closely together, compact in the small space given as MARINA played. Throughout the night she played many unforgettable songs, Froot and Man’s World, to name a few. There was also a short break where MARINA spoke to the crowd about heat problems that were causing trouble with the equipment (the room was so small and crowded, the pure energy caused heat throughout). Due to this, the Leeds crowd was gifted with a solo of Happy on the piano, this was a beautiful playthrough of the song. The crowd helped MARINA throughout by singing along, swaying side to side. The compact room only helped create a closeness to the artist, as though we were on the stage singing along with her. Despite the equipment going rogue for the short time, MARINA remained phenomenal, performing every song with more and more energy as fans, new and old, grasped onto one another as they danced with meaning and emotion.
After many songs, MARINA announced to the crowd about it being a great show, all of the band behind her came to the front of the stage and the crowd went crazy as she thanked them for providing some quality instrumental play throughout the night. The stage went quiet, dimmed to a voided black while MARINA left the stage. The crowd started to chant, the chants became louder and louder until they bellowed throughout the building. The walls felt as though they were jittering from the volume produced, clapping commenced throughout as the crowd hoped MARINA would come back for an encore. And that, she did.

She ran back on and performed two last but very not least songs Goodbye and Primadonna, which the crowd ate up. The room was at ultimate heat but that didn’t stop the crowd from being as insane and it sure did not stop MARINA from giving her all for the final two songs.
But as with every good thing, it must come to an end. So as the last song faded out the crowd roared, whilst MARINA waltzed off stage, proud of the night she had created. Once the lights lifted and faces could now be seen, the crowd started to draw out of the building.

When walking to the merch stall, you were met with the beautiful opening act Maeve which was a delightful treat. Many fans were very impressed and excited about this with many taking photos with her (including me!). It was a truly unforgettable moment and I can only thank Maeve for being out there after the show! The night was jaw-dropping, something I will never forget. The crowd was amazing, their energy made the building come alive and caused the walls to feel magical and the floors to almost dance along with them. Both opening acts created a riveting atmosphere before MARINA, I adored both dearly, especially Maeve who is incredibly talented.

And MARINA, her voice almost laced with sugar as the crowd wanted only more and more from her, no one could get enough. I have loved Marina for many years and to see her live and the intimacy of the venue made such a great night. If ever given the chance, MARINA is someone you should see, she awards a night of never-ending fun.

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Mia Rose