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COIN @ Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: COIN Transforms Amsterdam Into A Party

It was the first time that COIN came to the Netherlands, on November 11th. They came to Amsterdam and had Flor open for them even though it was a small venue. Another impressive thing was that the show had been sold out for months already. And with all those things, we got to be there.

I was able to be front row, so I literally stood against the stage. We had to wait half an hour before Flor came on stage. Flor didn’t have the longest setlist, only 7 songs, and they were also done playing pretty fast. There were some people who came specifically for Flor while they were announced as the opener only 2 weeks prior.
They put on a great show, it wasn’t a long show as I said, but there’s something about the venue that makes every concert more special. It felt like everyone was more present in the moment than usual. Zach, the lead singer, also told us that this show felt more special and welcoming than most shows. If that’s real or not is up to you, because you can say a lot of things in the moment. But it did feel great to hear. Check out the pictures we took below!


We had to wait almost 15 minutes longer for COIN, we didn’t know the reason. We just had to wait. But it was amazing when they finally got on stage. The crowd’s cheering was as loud as some other huge artists except this venue was way smaller. They started off with a lot of flashing lights and a lot of great stage presence. They also blazed through the setlist like Flor. We were past the first 10 songs in no time.

Chase, the lead singer, talked more in the second half though. He talked about how weird it was to be so far away from home, but still feel so much at home. He signed someone’s merch, got 2 bracelets from fans, received a fan letter, and thanked us a lot for coming out to the show. He also gave the front row some candy after the band had some. They also had a small surprise in store for us. After they played the whole setlist that they taped on the ground, they played Fingers Crossed from their first album on Spotify. But every great thing has to end sadly and so this had to end too. After they bowed together and emptied a water bottle on us, they left the stage.

COIN said that they would be back as soon as possible. If you ever get the chance, go! If you like the music and if you like great interactions with the fans, then you should definitely go. Check out the pictures we took below!


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Aspen van der Wijst