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PHOTO REVIEW: iDKHOW Perform Twice In One Day In New York City


One concert in one day is cool, but two? Two is a blast! YEP, iDKHOW (Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman) performed twice in one day for New York City! Once in the day, and once at night.

Not only did they have a small show in the day, but it only cost $9.23 and was intimate. So only a few people were able to get in! During both shows, you can tell Dallon and Ryan were happy be there. Ryan was constantly smiling while playing the drums, while Dallon was constantly going into the crowd to show his appreciation for everyone.

The amount of respect the fans have for these two guys amazed us. We love how the band was able to be so close with the crowd at both shows without people getting too crazy. This is how people should be acting at shows. It ends up making things so much more fun in the end!

If you want to see iDKHOW live, they’re currently still on tour! See if there’s a show near you here: https://www.idkhow.com/#tour-dates

Check out some of our photos from both shows below: