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CONCERT REVIEW: Not A Boring Moment With Mother Mother And Dead Pony In Amsterdam

Mother Mother finally got to perform in the Netherlands after having to reschedule their show on March 4th. They didn’t come alone, they brought Dead Pony with them. Of course we had to be there too!

I arrived quite early to be sure of a good spot during the concert itself. It’s a lot of the time not worth it if it’s not your favorite band but it was worth it here! Ryan Guldemond (the lead singer of Mother Mother) came to say hi to the queue a little before 4PM. He was really chill and took the time to take pictures with everyone.

I eventually got inside around 7PM and I managed to get front row. Dead Pony was up 30 minutes later, and I was not prepared for them. I have barely seen any opener that got me hooked this much. The stage presence and interaction with each other was absolutely amazing. It didn’t feel weird as you have with some openers, and it wasn’t boring. I had a great time watching them perform and so did everyone around me. We got asked to go down before the breakdown of Bullet Farm and everyone did to my surprise. Not because they didn’t play well, because they did, but mostly because I barely see this much enthusiasm for an opener. Go give them a listen if you have the time, you won’t regret it. I think they’ll grow a lot in the upcoming years, so I’d definitely keep my eyes on them.

Then. Mother Mother. All the lights turned off and the crowd started cheering incredibly loud. The band got on stage, and they performed Seven right at the start after which the first few notes of Verbatim took over. They played incredibly well and used the lighting so well to bring across their songs even better. I don’t think there was a single song where the crowd didn’t sing the whole song along with an incredibly high volume. They had a small surprise for us after Body of years, because they played Creep (Original by Radiohead). I honestly want them to release it on streaming platforms too because it was a great cover, I got chills all over. A lot of people got emotional when the show got more emotional. Ryan did a small speech before playing It’s Alright. Even I was quite touched by the speech and song after even though I wouldn’t consider myself a real Mother Mother fan.

One of the best concert moments happened after that. The band was switching guitars and setting to play some acoustic songs when they noticed a fan holding up a sign with: “I waited 8 years for this moment”. Ryan mentioned it and told the fan how much he and the band appreciate them.  After which he dedicated Arms Tonite to that fan. After the set that fan also got handed a guitar pick by Ryan. The set was almost done when they played one of their most well-known songs: Hayloft which they did really amazing, and you could feel that they put this at the end of the setlist on purpose. Talk about going out with a bang, everyone got all their energy back. They put everything they had left in Hayloft II which they played after Girl Alone. Even ending the song twice in different ways. First they ended the song with loud music and really high energy. After that they ended the song like the original track on the album. After that song they went off stage, but of course they came back for an encore. They played Ghosting as their encore. It was really over after that sadly.

If you get the chance to see Dead Pony or Mother Mother please do. Both of those bands are absolutely amazing live and it’s so worth it to see them live. Check out both artists below and let us know what you thought of the concert if you were there too!

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Aspen van der Wijst