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CONCERT REVIEW: Waterparks Perform Energetic Show In Netherlands

It hasn’t been that long but Waterparks returned to the Netherlands. They played a new show a little over a year after their last show here. This time they played their show in a slightly bigger venue which was completely sold out. 

This new show was for their latest album Intellectual Property which was released in April. The Netherlands show was the 3rd performance on this new tour. They played many songs from the new album, but they also played some way older songs.

But Waterparks didn’t get to the Netherlands alone. They took Stand Atlantic with them as their opener. The band had roughly 45 minutes time to play and they sure got the crowd warmed up for Waterparks

You don’t often see an opener that gets a crowd going this much as Stand Atlantic did. Many people started dancing and singing along to the music, way more than usual. Then some pits started to open, and before anyone knew it, people even started crowd surfing. Stand Atlantic even played a song that wasn’t released yet. This was received with a lot of positivity and everyone seemed to love the upcoming song. It seems like they will be playing this song the entire tour.

The wait was not that long in between sets. And waterparks had a great entrance. The first song that they played was St*rfucker from their latest album. This was the moment you could feel that the evening would have great things to come. Awsten, the singer, explained later on that they would be performing a lot of new songs but that they were planning to play a lot of older songs too. 

Pits started forming quite early and everyone’s energy started to get higher and higher. There was even a kid who asked to play Funeral Grey on the drums, he was sadly not allowed to play Funeral Grey but Awsten did invite him on stage to play the song Group Chat, which is a 6-second track that has a really simple drum beat from their album Fandom. The kid was allowed to stay on the side of the stage after that so he could watch the show from a better angle. 

Waterparks played a big mix of older and new songs with mostly songs from their latest album. There was something nice for every single fan. It was a typical Waterparks show with a lot of humor and good music.Overall, I’d highly advice going to a Waterparks concert. Their humor in combination with their music makes for a great show that will not be boring for a single second. Check out the pictures we took below!

Stand Atlantic:


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