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CONCERT REVIEW: Palaye Royale Rock Utrecht In Biggest Netherlands Show To Date

Palaye Royale haven’t been gone for a while and they have already returned to the Netherlands. Their last shows here were on February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The members of Palaye Royale explained that they love this country so much that they had to do a headlining show in the Netherlands during their festival tour. This would also be their last headlining show of the year if we have to believe what they said. So they wanted to give their all to this show. They didn’t have to do this show alone because Palaye Royale took Kelsy Karter & The Heroines with them.

There aren’t a lot of openers that start as suddenly as Kelsy Karter & The Heroines did. The lights didn’t turn off until almost everyone was on stage and playing the first song already. Kelsy Karter got on stage last and the lights in the crowd finally faded after she got on stage. Kelsy wore this black dress at the start of the show and they played the first few songs relatively quickly back to back.

The show got a bit more emotional and powerful after that. Kelsy explained that she had a bad mental health day and she got emotional, this created a really powerful moment after which they played God Knows I’ve Tried which is a really slow and emotional song. The performance and vibe kept on getting better. There was a small wardrobe change for Kelsy during the show so she could move around more. Not too many people seemed to know the band prior to the performance but I feel like everyone really enjoyed the show. They played 2 covers Call Me by Blondie and Alone by I-Ten. Check out the pictures we took of Kelsy Karter & The Heroines below!

Kelsy Karter & The Heroines:

Next up, it was Palaye Royale’s turn. There was a whole monologue about the world that Palaye Royale had created over the speakers before the show started. The first song they played was Nightmares, just like at the previous shows in February, that song will always be a great start to their shows. The entire crowd went wild from the beginning. The crowd stayed fairly tame until the track Fucking With My Head where the mosh pits really started to pick up the pace.

This show had all the classic Palaye Royale performance elements: Remington in the boat on top of the crowd with the water gun, all the band members climbing on top of everything they could climb on, the beautifully vulnerable performance of Oblivion, Emerson who got in the wall of death. This time it wasn’t just Emerson who got in but also the guitarist and bassist joined him. One of the most beautiful moments of the entire show was when they played Oblivion. The song is an emotional song for the band members themselves, but the venue was so quiet that you could hear the sniffing of everyone crying in the room too. It created this moment that is really difficult to recreate.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you get the chance to go to a Palaye Royale show then go. If you have the energy, then try to get into the middle of the crowd. You can choose not to go into mosh pits but the experience of their concerts and the crowd interaction hits so much harder in the middle of the crowd. Check out the pictures we took below!

Palaye Royale:

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