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McKenna Grace Dips Back Into Pop With ‘Self-Dysmorphia’

Known for her roles in The Handmaid’s Tale and Ghostbusters Afterlife, actress and rising star McKenna Grace is back with another single in her growing discography: Self Dysmorphia. The track is a change from her most recent pop-ballad Post Party Trauma or her pop-punk escapade You Ruined Nirvana. With every release, McKenna Grace sounds like she’s honing in on her own sound more and more, and the latest is no different. Self Dysmorphia is a track built off its explosive 21st-century chorus, and its juxtaposition with the subdued and introspective verses. The track is without a doubt ear-candy that will keep you hooked. 

Stream Self Dysmorphia here!

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Aiden Rodgers