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ALBUM REVIEW: Motionless In White – Scoring The End Of The World

It’s a good day to be a metalhead! The anticipation is over for Motionless In White fans this new music Friday.

If you’re a hardcore fan, you might’ve already gave a listen to this thirteen track work of art when it dropped at midnight last night. Scoring The End Of The World is the sixth album for the band, it is breathtaking, and truly a new chapter for the band (and the fandom). Just from first sight, songs featuring Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose, Caleb Shomo of Beartooth, and Mick Gordon from the infamous DOOM albums, we’re ready to rock out!

Alongside the release, Apple Music released a brief album review from Chris Motionless himself in which he gives insights, inspirations, and details about each song, so we will be covering that as well. This album is heavily influenced by the pandemic and the past two years of this crazy life we all live. We can’t wait to get our ears on this, so let’s get into it!

What a way to kick off the new album! This song is filled with gutturals, breakdowns, and synthy undertones. The classic Motionless in White sound is still there with lyrics “Headfirst into the outbreak”, “This is our apocalypse”, and “Doomsday at our fingertips”, the best way to describe it is daunting, yet inviting into what feels like the end of life as we know it. If you’re still here in this realm after the year 2020-2021, you know exactly how scary the ongoing pandemic was when it first hit, and still is as we navigate the unknown future ahead. This song represents that very very well, and lets out some steam as it rips through.

Chris tells Apple Music that this song is inspired by feeling dead inside, “I didn’t really have much of a will to do anything and felt just hopeless. I was trying to look for and cling onto any sign of life within myself and to push out the negative side that was kind of taking over.” We’ve all been there, mental illness and depression has skyrocketed in the past few years. It feels like we’ve all had to pull ourselves out of a black hole to return to a semi-normal state of existence. Sign of life, is surely a song we can all connect with. The instrumentals are airy, swingy, and this song is all about breaking through.

Holy hell this song is so different, it takes you back to the 80’s. Even if you weren’t born yet, you’ll know exactly what I mean when you listen to this track. Heavy werewolf vibes obviously, mythology fans will definitely rave over this. As you hear the howling in the distance in this track, it calls to you. This is easily a Halloween anthem that can sneak into your everyday rotation. It’s such a significantly contrasting and creepy sounding song that makes you want to dance around. I love it Motionless In White, you know your audience.

Chris tells Apple Music, “Werewolf and Porcelain are essentially the same lyrical track split up over two songs.” Porcelain is a softer song, which explains the more fragile side of Chris as he described. Anyone who’s lost themselves in a moment of rage could definitely claim the feeling of the aftermath as being broken, cracked, but still delicate. To feel anything in this life means you are alive. Take it for what it is, take it day by day. It’s all we can do. This song is lyrically and symbolically beautiful.

Another single that was released ahead of the album, this song is heavy heavy. Can’t expect anything less with this collaboration. Two very distinct artists combined to create this explosive and very angry song. Chris tells Apple Music that this song was inspired by his frustration with capitalism. During the pandemic and even today, politics are just not doing so hot. Turn up this song if you want to feel the fury of the entire nation. Motionless In White and Bryan unleash the wrath in this number, and we absolutely love it!

What a self explanatory track, this is really a masterpiece. This song was released as a single ahead of the album release as well, but it is easily one of the more memorable songs on the album as it is so catchy with its chorus. With lyrics, “How do I apologize? And put the tears back in your eyes?“ Remorse, empathy, and forgiveness are three very prominent aspects in this song. It’s very elegant and somber to say the least.

Chris says to Apple Music that “This is a companion track with Sign of Life.’It’s about these two sides squaring off and fighting to the death, trying to bury one another and take over.” This seems to be a common theme between a few songs on this album, it’s a very interesting concept that Motionless In White delivered exceptionally well. This song has its solid moments of slapping.

Upbeat, swingy instrumentals, and vocals, this feels like a summer anthem but with blatant and brutal lyrics. I absolutely loved this track, and I’m dying to memorize the words so I can sing along and feel like a badass while I’m chanting it. “This is for the people that are on the right side of history and want to make the world a better place.” Chris tells Apple Music.

The sequel is finally here. Burned at Both Ends, from album Infamous, was released in 2012. Ten years later we get this shredder of a track that sends us into pure nostalgic bliss. True fans of Motionless In White will absolutely love this song, and if you’re just tuning in to this wonderful band, make sure to give both songs a listen!

Are we seeing double today? Another sequel track! We are living for the horror themed song titles. Broadcasting From Beyond the Grave, which was released on Motionless In White’s album Disguise back in 2019. This is another one in the books for the fans who have been around. This song is eerie and hair-raisingly good. Chris explains to Apple Music that ”This song was very heavily written by our bassist, Justin Morrow. So, props to him! Without a doubt one of the most powerful songs on this album.

Into the cyberpunk aesthetic we go! Another single ahead of the album release. This song feels triumphant, and the lyrics are a true middle finger to struggling. Chris tells Apple Music, “I imagined a cyberwar between good and evil and wrote this song to the fans to stand together and help each other out through all of the evil shit happening.” Hell yeah! The atmosphere of this song is like shedding a skin, and starting again on a new note.
You can overcome anything you set your mind to. Thank you for the motivation, Motionless In White.

This is an interesting mix, and even more interesting song if I do say so myself. This song is about sticking it to the man! With vexed lyrics such as “I won’t bow down to a broken system”, this song is influenced by the current state of this country. Nonetheless, it’s a very well put together hard-hitting rock ballad. Headbanger of the Summer?

“The title track is similar to Cyberhex’in that it’s about people that are fighting the good fight for our world and making sacrifices that might be tough but are actually beneficial to humanity.” Chris explains to Apple Music. Stand up and fight, is definitely the theme here. “It’s us or them”, “These are the weapons of rebirth”, “The dawning of a new age”, Motionless In White are starting the revolution themselves, and I’m following! Aren’t we all sick of this already? You will be happy to find solace with this song if you’re feeling frustrated with how things have been lately. Finally a band that speaks what we’re all thinking.

This album is astonishing lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally. It takes you for a ride that you wish never ended. With heavy anticipation built up by loyal fans, this EP is a monument in history, a voice for everyone dealing with so much over the past two years. Conceptually, Motionless In White has fulfilled their exact vision and message to fans across the world.

Every album release from this group gets better and better in my opinion. A massive salute to Chris, Justin, Vinny, Ricky, and Ryan. The dedication this album radiates is magnificent. Chefs kiss! I’m now going to go listen to this album over and over again. Join me?

Stream SCORING THE END OF THE WORLD below and tweet us as you listen and let us know how you’re feeling!

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