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Jenna Ortega Possibly Returning To ‘You’ Season 5

As the first hints about You season 5 begin to surface, fans of the thrilling Netflix series are eagerly anticipating the return of some familiar faces. Penn Badgley, who plays the infamous Joe Goldberg, has been dropping teasers about the final season, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats and theorizing about the fate of their favourite characters.

While details of season 5 are being kept under wraps, it is widely expected that Joe will have to confront those he has attacked. In a teaser released during TUDUM, Penn Badgley addressed fans directly, hinting at the epic conclusion of You. He teased, “I’ve heard you’re on the edge of your seats, waiting and theorising about the epic conclusion to You. More importantly, you’re considering what, or should I say, who Joe will come up against when he finally returns to New York.”

The teaser showed glimpses of characters who have survived or who he spared, including Dr. Nicky, Paco, Karen Minty, Sherrie, Cary, Lady Phoebe, Marienne, Nadia, and Baby Henry. And among them was Ellie Alves from season 2.

The possibility of Jenna Ortega reprising her role as Ellie in season 5 seems strong. Showrunner Sera Gamble confirmed that Ellie was meant to appear in season 4, but due to Jenna’s busy Wednesday filming schedule, it wasn’t feasible at the time. Jenna herself expressed disappointment at not being able to return to the role in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, “I was so devastated. I miss Ellie, and I’ve been wanting to go back to Ellie for a long time, but I was in Romania shooting Wednesday.”

Despite missing out on season 4, there is still hope for Jenna Ortega‘s Ellie to make a comeback in season 5. Gamble shared that they have ideas for Ellie if her schedule allows her to return.

If Ellie does indeed return, fans can expect her to be seeking revenge for her sister Delilah‘s fate, and her confrontation with Joe could be a pivotal and intense moment in the final season. As we wait for more information and an official announcement, the prospect of Jenna Ortega reprising her role as Ellie Alves in You season 5 is undoubtedly a thrilling one.

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