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Tom Grennan @ Melkweg 2023

CONCERT REVIEW: Tom Grennan And Flawes Play Long Awaited Show In Amsterdam

Tom Grennan was in the Netherlands, and he took Flawes with him. Flawes only heard about the tour not long ago and they had to jump on. It’s been a while for both Tom Grennan and Flawes since they were in the country. Last time for Flawes was in 2019, right before the awful covid pandemic started. It was even longer for Tom Grennan. His last time in the country was all the way back in 2018, so now 5 years ago.

We got to interview Flawes prior to the concert. So we got a little sneak peak of what was about to happen. Stay tuned for the interview! The guys in Flawes are some amazing people. They have a new album coming up in June called One Step Back, Two Steps Forward of which they already released 3 singles. This album and era follow a color scheme with blue and orange. This was really visible in their set too. A bunch of songs followed that same pattern with blue and orange lights.

Sadly the crowd wasn’t really joining in at the moments where the band wanted to interact with everyone even though they had a great show. There wasn’t too much that they asked of the crowd, and it wasn’t too little. It did seem like most of the crowd did enjoy the show though. Check out the pictures of Flawes out below.


After the 30 minute set of Flawes, it was time for Tom Grennan to get on stage. We had a 30 minute pause in between sets after which he got on stage. His set was surprisingly long for how short the setlist was. There were only 16 songs on the setlist, including encore. But he still managed to play for a bit over an hour. He started with some of his less popular songs in the first half but he started playing a lot more of his popular songs like By Your Side and Little Bit Of Love in the second half.

The crowd was wild during his set, the balcony was literally shaking at some points during the set because everyone was jumping on there. Tom’s dance moves were on point too, hopping all over stage with his eccentric moves. He also shared some more emotional moments on stage like during the encore, where he explained that his song You Are Not Alone was written for his cousin who unfortunately passed away.

Overall, I’d recommend you go see both of them live if it’s your style of music. It wasn’t bad by any means and the atmosphere was fine, I mostly feel like the music just has to be your style to really be able enjoy the shows. Which is basically a general thing for concerts. Flawes and Tom Grennan both have an album that releases on June 9th. Be sure to check them out and check out the pictures we made below!

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