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The Offspring Perform ‘Why Don’t You Get A Job?’ With Deryck Whibley & Pierre Bouvier

The Offspring surprised their fans during their recent show in Wantagh on September 2nd, 2023, as part of their Let The Bad Times Roll tour. In a spectacular moment, the band brought out two special guests, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 and Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan, to join them on stage for a performance of their iconic 1998 hit, Why Don’t You Get A Job?

Fans who attended the gig at Wantagh witnessed a memorable collaboration between The Offspring and these two frontmen, who had been supporting the band on their tour.

For those who may have missed this epic performance, a video of the collaboration has been shared online, allowing fans from around the world to relive the magic of that night.

As the tour progresses, fans can only anticipate what other surprises The Offspring may have in store for them. For now, one thing is certain: the spirit of punk rock is alive and well, and The Offspring continue to bring it to life.

what's happening with The Offspring

CONCERT REVIEW: The Offspring Delivers Unforgettable Night Of Punk Rock With Trash Boat & Four Year Strong

Hordes of punk rockers, young and old, gathered to AFAS Live on Saturday night to witness the return of The Offspring to Dutch soil. The band, made legendary by their contribution to punk rock in the 90s, served up what they called a Saturday Burrito: “a Saturday so good it feels like two Saturdays rolled into one.” And Amsterdam ate it up.

A good concert wouldn’t be complete without openers, and bands Trash Boat and Four Year Strong were the chosen ones for this Let The Bad Times Roll tour. Both bands put on solid performances, but they felt a bit lost on this particular crowd. We can only hope that both bands walk away with some new fans, as it was clear by the end of both sets that people were finally starting to loosen up a little.

The time killed in between bands was the first sign of The Offspring’s clever stage show. With entertainment such as a t-shirt cannon, a blimp, a kiss cam and a crowdsurfing gorilla, the crowd wasn’t bored for a single moment. Once the band took the stage, they further proved what a polished show they’ve managed to put on in their decades of entertaining crowds. The banter is perfectly timed, the lighting is impressive, and the visuals fit the songs well. They close out the night with hit after hit, playing Pretty Fly, The Kids Aren’t Alright, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid and Self Esteem back to back. The crowd goes wild and is left satisfied after the last bite of their Saturday Burrito, courtesy of The Offspring.

Trash Boat:

Four Year Strong:

what's happening with The Offspring

The Offspring Announce ‘Let The Bad Times Roll Tour’ With Sum 41 and Simple Plan

The Offspring announced an upcoming America tour with Sum 41 and Simple Plan. This will be the third tour of Sum 41 and Simple Plan together in two years. They already had some tours together last year.

The tour will start on August 1st in Auburn, Washington, they will then travel all around the United States, after which the tour will end on September 3rd in Mansfield Massachusetts.

Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow with code: ‘BADTIMESROLL. General on sale start this Friday. You can buy your tickets here!

Check out the band their announcement and let us know if you’re going to see them live!