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The Kooks @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: The Kooks Celebrate 15 Years Of ‘Inside In/Inside Out’ In Amsterdam

The Kooks came to the Netherlands on tour to celebrate their album Inside In/Inside Out which turned 15 years in 2021. They sadly had to postpone the show because of covid but that only made them play the show closer to the 18th anniversary of the album! They didn’t come along but they brought Stone as opening band with them.

We sadly missed Stone as opener, but The Kooks made a great show! The lights went off and the lead singer Luke Pritchard came on stage with just an acoustic guitar. He started to play their song Seaside from their first album. He later announced that they would be playing their entire first album. This sadly turned out to be false, only missing the last two songs of the album Time Awaits and Got No Love.

The stage that they brought with them had a beautiful design and concept. They all had their own small platform with lights under them and a big grey curtain behind them with their name on it. This doesn’t sound that great but the whole stage seemed to change colors with the lights. There were parts where they lit up the stage in two different colors at the same time which had a really nice effect.

The band was a bit stiff at first, they all just stood there and played their music while the crowd was dancing and singing along. They finally got a bit more loose and started moving around some more later in the setlist luckily. They also had a few great guitar solos in the setlist which were great to hear live too, the solo during Do You Wanna being one of them.

Right before their “last” song, Luke said thanks to the crowd, in Dutch, and after the song they got on stage. Normally during their setlist they play three more songs of theirs as an encore. This time they got Stone on stage and played a cover of David Bowies: Rebel Rebel of which they said that it was the first time that they played it live. It was a great cover in my opinion which they performed really well! They really got the crowd going too.

Sadly, the show didn’t have that much more to add. Besides some basic nice fan interactions, they didn’t really do anything. Their music is great, and they delivered on that. The stage was also really well done but if you’re in the mood to go to a band that you don’t know, I don’t recommend you go here. If you are a fan however, go! Their music was great and the whole crowd is dancing with you. Check out the pictures we took there below!


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