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Silent Planet Announce Album ‘Superbloom’ And Drop New Single ‘Collider‘

Silent Planet revealed exciting news about their upcoming album Superbloom, arriving on November 3rd. This album holds special significance as it marks a year since a life-altering van accident for the band. Despite the challenges, the band’s resilience shines through as they share their latest single Collider.

Vocalist Garrett Russell‘s emotive vocals and profound lyrics create a moving experience. Russell opens up about alchemizing darkness into something beautiful, a theme that resonates throughout the album:

“Take all the darkness. All the vitriol, the greed and the vanity; lay it again as dust. Everything can be alchemized. This song is called ‘Collider’. It’s about what comes out of our lives when the people we trust and hold closest are the ones who can hurt or betray us the worst. 

We don’t have to run from the pain or be afraid. The dark gives us the energy to make something beautiful. The song is about alchemizing the darkness and transforming its negative properties.”

Check out Collider and its music video below:

‘Superbloom’ by Silent Planet:

  1. Lights Off the Lost Coast
  2. Offworlder
  3. Collider
  4. Euphoria
  5. Dreamwalker
  6. Antimatter
  7. :Signal:
  8. Anunnaki
  9. The Overgrowth
  10. Nexus
  11. Re-Entry