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Royal Blood Paradiso 2023

PHOTO REVIEW: Royal Blood’s Unforgettable Concert At Amsterdam’s Paradiso

Thunderous rhythms and electrifying anticipation filled the air at Amsterdam’s legendary Paradiso. Amidst the iconic venue’s historic walls, a storm of rock ‘n’ roll was about to descend upon the eager crowd. This was the moment when Royal Blood, the dynamic duo hailed for their explosive sound and magnetic stage presence, would unleash their sonic majesty and captivate the hearts of all in attendance. From the very first chord, Paradiso would bear witness to a concert experience that transcended boundaries and left an indelible mark on the souls of those fortunate enough to be part of this rock pilgrimage.

Royal Blood:

what's happening with Royal Blood
Royal Blood @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

Royal Blood Release ‘Mountains at Midnight’ Of Upcoming Album ‘Back To The Water’

Royal Blood have released the first single Mountains At Midnight of their upcoming album Back To The Water which will release on September 8th.

Mountains At Midnight was first teased with a snippet on their twitter. The snippet had a link which brought you to the music video. They later announced that the song is part of their upcoming album.

The album will feature 10 tracks and the deluxe version of the album will feature 2 more tracks. Check out the track list below:

1. Mountains At Midnight
2. Shiner In The Dark
3. Pull Me Through
4. The Firing Line
5. Tell Me When It’s Too Late
6. Triggers
7. How Many More Times
8. High Waters
9. There Goes My Cool
10. Waves

Bonus tracks:
1. ‘Supermodel Avalanches’
2. ‘Everything’s Fine’

Check out the music video for Mountains At Midnight below and pre order the album here.

what's happening with Royal Blood
Royal Blood @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

Royal Blood Announce Intimate Tour Dates

British rock duo Royal Blood has announced a series of intimate tour dates in Europe for the summer.

The tour will feature a total of 9 shows in 5 countries, with the band playing in venues that are known for their intimate and atmospheric settings, providing fans with a unique experience that differs from the usual concert scene.

The tour will kick off on June 5th in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and will include stops in cities such as Lisbon, Berlin, Luxembourg and Amsterdam, among others. It will then come to an end on the 13th of July in Luxembourg.

Fans can expect to hear a mix of old and new material, including songs from their latest album, Typhoons, and their latest single HONEYBRAINS:

Pre-sale will be going live tomorrow, February 22nd at 10AM CET, and general tickets will be going on sale on the 24th of February, same time. You can sign up for pre-sale here.

Check out all the dates and venues on the tour poster below and let us know if you plan on attending!