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Polaris @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

PHOTO REVIEW: Polaris Unleash The Power Of Metalcore In Amsterdam

Last weekend at Melkweg in Amsterdam, fans of metal and hardcore music were treated to an incredible show. The lineup featured Paledusk, Thornhill, Silent Planet, and Polaris. Each band brought their unique sound and energy to the stage, thrilling the audience with their music. The venue, known for hosting a wide range of music events, was the perfect setting for this event. This photo review captures the highlights of the evening. Join us as we look back at a night full of great music and energy.



Silent Planet


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what's happening with Polaris

GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets For Polaris In Melkweg, Amsterdam

On the 9th of March, Polaris will be performing in Melkweg, Amsterdam featuring Silent Planet, Thornhill and Paledusk!.

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what's happening with Polaris
Polaris 2023

Polaris Present ‘Overflow’ From Upcoming Album ‘Fatalism’

Aussie melodic metalcore band Polaris have unveiled their latest single Overflow from the highly anticipated album Fatalism, set for release on September 1st. Despite the heartbreaking loss of guitarist Ryan Siew, the band decided to proceed with the album’s release.

The emotionally charged track Overflow showcases Polaris‘ signature layered sound. Drummer and lyricist Daniel Furnari sheds light on its meaning, delving into personal struggles and the impact on others.

“This is one of the much more personal and vulnerable tracks on the record lyrically, whereas the other two singles took a wider, more outward perspective.

“I feel like the meaning of the song is fairly self explanatory, and I think a lot of people will naturally interpret it through the lens of their own experiences, but essentially for me it’s about the struggle of fighting off a panic attack and the impact of that struggle on others.”

Check out the new song and music video below:

‘Fatalism’ by Polaris:

  1. Harbinger
  2. Nightmare
  3. Parasites
  4. Overflow
  5. With Regards
  6. Inhumane
  7. The Crossfire
  8. Dissipate
  9. Aftertouch
  10. Fault Line
  11. All In Vein
what's happening with Polaris

Polaris Proceed With ‘Fatalism’ Album Release After Tragic Loss Of Guitarist Ryan Siew

Amidst heartbreaking sorrow, Polaris have announced their decision to release the forthcoming album, Fatalism, as originally planned.

Following the untimely death of guitarist Ryan Siew at the tender age of 26, the band share their shattered hearts with fans through a heartfelt message on social media.

They express their desire for the album to reconnect with audiences in a new and poignant way, highlighting that these are the last complete songs co-written with Ryan.

The band looks forward to sharing the album’s emotional depth and resilience, continuing with the Fatalism North Australian & North American Tours, as well as a series of international dates.

These performances hold a special significance as they honor their late bandmate and celebrate the healing power of art and community.

Read their statement below and share your thoughts with us.

what's happening with Polaris
Polaris 2023

Polaris Announce New Album ‘FATALISM’ And Release New Song ‘INHUMANE’

Polaris are back with a new announcement. They will be releasing a new album on September 1st called FATALISM. They have also released the first single called INHUMANE.

The song released after it was first played on the radio station Triple J. After which it was released on streaming platforms today.

The album FATALISM will feature 11 tracks. Check them out below:

01. Harbinger
02. Nightmare
03. Parasites
04. Overflow
05. With Regards
06. Inhumane
07. The Crossfire
08. Dissipate
09. Aftertouch
10. Fault Line
11. All In Vein

Check out the music video for INHUMANE below and pre-order the album here.