what's happening with Panic! At The Disco
Panic! At The Disco @ AHOY, Rotterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: Panic! At The Disco Celebrate ‘Viva Las Vengeance’ During Last-Ever Dutch Show

It was a bittersweet night, as Panic! At The Disco were in the country for the last time. To go out with a bang, Panic! At The Disco came to promote the release of the brand new album Viva Las Vengeance in front of their biggest Dutch crowd. In Rotterdam’s Ahoy, which holds capacity for 16.000 people, Panic! At The Disco played a set consisting of their greatest hits and the entirety of the brand new effort Viva Las Vengeance. For this last run through Europe, Panic! At The Disco truly pulled out all stops, with half an orchestra on stage to assist the band in performing the songs on this fine night.

Panic! At The Disco’s concert was what we have come to expect from a Panic! show: an electrifying experience where Urie’s energy on stage was unmatched. The band took the stage amidst thunderous applause and kicked off the show with their hit song Say Amen (Saturday Night) From there, they launched into a 6-song barrage of high-energy pop-rock hits that came to a halt when the band performed Emperor’s New Clothes.

After that, the show took a turn. The band shied away from the greatest hits that the discography has to offer, and the focus was solely on the new album Viva Las Vengeance which was performed from start to finish. Given the popularity of this album, or quite honestly the lack thereof, this decision didn’t garner the biggest applause the audience had to offer that night, but it sure became apparent the album has a special place in Brendon Urie‘s heart, and he played the album in a very passionate manner. Besides from high quality showman and musician ship, Panic! At The Disco’s performance was complemented by a huge amount of special effects, from vivid visuals on the screen to confetti, steam cannons, colourful lasers and last but not least pyrotechnics.

At the end of the day, frontman and vocalist Brendon Urie is a showman of the highest order, with phenomenal vocal range. In addition, Urie also shows off his impressive musicianship by playing guitar. In the past, we’ve also often seen Brendon Urie play the piano or even the drums, Urie can do it all. After the Viva Las Vengeance set, it was back to ‘regular’ programming, with the celebration of the band’s greatest hits throughout the years and it seems they left the very biggest hit singles for last. From the band’s first hit single I Write Sins Not Tragedies to the last one High Hopes and everything in between, Panic! At The Disco made sure there was something for everyone.

The realisation that Panic! At The Disco will be no more after their current tour is a hard one to swallow, but the reason behind it is a very sweet and positive one. We wish Brendon Urie nothing but the best with his new challenge as a new father and if you are curious to see what the band’s last Dutch show looked like, you can check out the photos right below.

what's happening with Panic! At The Disco

Brendon And Sarah Urie Welcome First Baby Into The World

At the end of January, Panic! At The Disco‘s Brendon Urie announced that the band will be splitting up.

Even though that sounds like very sad news, the reason why is actually very happy! The singer revealed that he and his wife, Sarah, were expecting a baby and he is going to put his “focus and energy on his family”.

Now, according to TMZ, earlier this week, the couple welcomed their baby into the world. The tabloid was told by “sources with direct knowledge”

“We don’t yet know the kiddo’s name or sex … but we’re told everyone is happy and healthy.”

We have not yet heard anything official, but will update this post as soon as we do!

what's happening with Panic! At The Disco
Panic! At The Disco 2022

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On the 25th of February, Panic! At The Disco will play their final Dutch show in Ahoy, Rotterdam, after announcing they are calling it quits.

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what's happening with Panic! At The Disco
Panic! At The Disco 2022

Brendon Urie Announces Panic! At The Disco Will Split Up

Breaking, yet very sad news..

Brendon Urie, frontman of Panic! At The Disco, has announced that the band will be splitting up.

However, congratulations are in order, because in the statement, he reveals that he and his wife, Sarah, are expecting a baby and he is going to put his “focus and energy on his family”, so “Panic! At The Disco will be no more”. So very happy reason why!

They will be finishing the upcoming European and UK tour as a “last run together”.

Read his full statement below: