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NF @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

CONCERT REVIEW: NF Gives Insane Performance In Amsterdam

NF came to the Netherlands last night. It was his first time visiting the country since 2020. The Nashville-based rapper is currently on tour throughout Europe after finishing an American tour. He did not have an opening act, but NF made sure that he would be delivering a show that no one in the room would forget.  

The queue was insanely long, it wrapped all the way around one of the biggest soccer stadiums in the Netherlands. After it wrapped around, the queue even went on so that the queue had people standing there who just arrived, but also people who arrived a few hours earlier right next to each other, even though they were standing in completely different positions in the queue.

The VIP queue had around 300 people and they were allowed to enter the venue 1.5 hours before the general admission was allowed to enter. Everyone had to wait a little bit more until the actual show started. The lights turned off eventually and the intro of Hope started playing. The song kept building up and NF jumped on the stage from behind the stage at the first breakdown of the song.

It was clear from that moment that it would be an amazing show to watch. NF clearly put effort into the stage and how he performs during his performances. More of this was visible during the next few songs, Motto and Careful. He had specific visuals from shoots that were just for tours. He walked all over the stage and even had moments where he sat down at the front of the stage.  

He stopped the music for a second when he was performing Careful. Not for something negative, but because he saw a group of people being so enthusiastic and fun that he asked the entire crowd to be like them. NF then restarted the song, and everyone jumped higher and screamed louder than before.

NF played some more fan-favorite songs like The Search, Leave Me Alone, Paid My Dues, and WHY. After which the setlist took a massive turn towards more depressive and sad songs. He got off stage and -Interlude- started playing from the boxes. He then got on stage again and played Hate Myself. That is one of his most depressing and sad songs if you ignore songs like How Could You Leave Us. You could hear everyone sniffing at the quiet part after the song was over. A lot of people were crying during the song.

He kept the emotion going with Mama where he explains that he forgives his mom and that he hopes that she is happy in heaven. People kept crying, which did not stop once he played Happy right after. This was followed by the only moment that he took to talk to the crowd. Everyone calmed down and he got everyone hyped up again with Pandemonium. NF got down from the stage during Gone to sign the laminates that people got if they bought VIP tickets.  

After that, he played a few more songs that had a lot of energy, and he got off stage after all that. There was no encore but that was fine. I don’t think any of his fans minded that. The setlist was amazing, there were emotional and hype moments in the show. The visuals and lighting were also done amazingly. Everything was as good as it could be.

If you like rap, then I would highly recommend you go to an NF show. The nice thing is that his music is not the basic rap that everyone knows. His instrumentals are already insanely cinematic, but he also talks about the more meaningful things in life and really shows that he uses his music as his outlet for his feelings and thoughts. Check out the pictures we took below!