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McKenna Grace Drops Heartfelt Single ‘Casual Kisser’ Ahead Of Upcoming Album Release

Los Angeles-based actor and singer-songwriter, McKenna Grace, has unveiled her latest musical endeavor with the release of her new single, Casual Kisser. The 17-year-old rising star opens up about her experiences with relationships, trust, and heartbreak in this confessional track, which is now available to stream and listen.

The song is a poignant reflection on the significance of kissing and dating for McKenna, who values genuine connections and is not one to casually date or kiss just anyone. She candidly speaks about the feeling of betrayal when someone she trusted betrays that trust, leaving her with a mix of bitter emotions. Casual Kisser showcases McKenna Grace‘s authentic sound as she embraces her role as a singer-songwriter, bringing her own personal life experiences into her music.

In discussing the inspiration behind the single, McKenna reveals, “Casual Kisser is about how for me, kissing and dating is a really big deal! It’s about trusting someone enough to venture out of your comfort zone and going along with them, just to have that trust betrayed. It’s a bit of a bitter song as well – that feeling of being love bombed into feeling safe, only to have that pulled out from under you.”

She is enthusiastic about her upcoming debut album, set to be released next year, where she believes she has truly found her sound and space as an artist. She mentions channelling her new life experiences into her music, making her music even more personal and relatable to her fans.

Comparing her music to the likes of Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, McKenna‘s latest single promises to strike a chord with anyone who has experienced heartbreak or is navigating the complexities of relationships. With its emotive lyrics and captivating melody, Casual Kisser is a glimpse into what is to come from the talented young artist.

In an exclusive interview, McKenna Grace opens up about her musical evolution, stating, “I feel I’ve changed a lot as an artist, moving more into a singer-songwriter territory versus my fun little pop-punk phase I went through on Bittersweet 16.” She emphasizes that she wants her new album to tell a story, connecting with listeners on a deeper level.

When asked about the message she hopes to convey with her music, McKenna explains, “That they’re not alone in their experience. People lie sometimes. People can make you feel special and important and just, you know, ditch you. I hope this can help the people who listen work through that a little bit. It happens and it sucks. But never, ever change your morals or what you are comfortable with for someone else.”

As McKenna Grace continues to rise, she leaves her followers with a valuable affirmation that keeps her grounded amid a busy and exciting year: “This too shall pass.” A reminder to cherish the good moments and remain steadfast through the challenges life may bring.

With Casual Kisser now available for streaming, music lovers can look forward to more soulful tunes and heartfelt storytelling from McKenna Grace as she unveils her new album in the coming months.

Watch the official music video below and let us know what you think of the new track!