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Mayday Parade Release New Single ‘More Like A Crash’

Mayday Parade, the American rock band hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, have released a new single called More Like A Crash. This new song is their first release since last year’s Thunder and Losing My Mind, and is accompanied by a silly and absurd music video set in the headquarters of The Mustached Men Of America. The song, on the other hand, is a hard-hitting rock tune that has its roots in ‘90s bands like Green Day and The Cranberries but has since been “shifted” by the band’s experimentation over the past year.

In an interview with AltPress, lead vocalist Derek Sanders opened up about the meaning behind the song and shared that it is inspired by his “extremely messy divorce” two years ago. More Like A Crash is one of the many songs he wrote about the experience, and although it is a dark song, it is ultimately about letting go and moving on.

Mayday Parade is currently sitting on even more finished songs and is figuring out the release plan. Sanders stated that the band plans to share singles before going on tour or at moments that “make sense.” He added that they are all a different vibe, with some ballads and more uptempo, pop-punk tracks. Additionally, they are planning to get back in the studio later this year to record another batch of songs.

Sanders believes that because of streaming, albums get a burst of love when they’re first released, but that’s quickly replaced by questions about what’s next. Thus, Mayday Parade is focusing on releasing singles as they hope it will give each song more love and attention. This approach also means that every song needs to be strong enough to stand on its own.

When they return to the studio later this year, Sanders wants to work on some of the songs that are different from what people might expect from Mayday Parade. He stated, “If we’re going to keep putting out singles, that’s the time to get experimental.”

More Like A Crash is also the first music Mayday Parade have released as an independent band since their 2006 debut EP Tales Told By Dead Friends. Sanders said that the band is making sure they aren’t taking on too much too soon.

Mayday Parade is heading out on tour with Yellowcard in a few weeks as they celebrate 20 years of Ocean Avenue. Sanders expressed his excitement and shared that he has been a fan of theirs since he was 14. He is up for sharing the stage with Yellowcard again as they have performed together before.

As the pop-punk genre is seeing a resurgence, Sanders finds the revival really exciting. He said, “It’s the kind of thing that helps out everybody in the scene. We’ve been around long enough to see a couple of these waves and it just always makes you feel a little bit better about this whole world.” Sanders believes there’s space for both nostalgia and exploring new things, and Mayday Parade is trying to strike a balance between the two.

After almost 18 years since their formation, Sanders wants Mayday Parade to represent “hope.” The band hopes to continue to create music that people can connect with and that will help them get through difficult times. As Sanders said, “Ultimately, we want people to feel good and happy when they listen to our music, or at least like they’re not alone.”

Check out the new single with music video below and let us know what you think of it!