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GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets For I Prevail In AFAS Live, Amsterdam

On the 19th of May, I Prevail will be performing in AFAS Live, Amsterdam featuring Set It Off and Kid Bookie.

We are giving away 1×2 tickets for this incredible show! You might be wondering, how can I win these tickets?

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Don’t want to miss the I Prevail show no matter what? Luckily there are still tickets available. Get your tickets right here & we’ll see you there!

what's happening with I Prevail

I Prevail Release Stripped-Down Version Of Deep End

I Prevail, the popular rock band known for their powerful sound, has just delighted fans with a stripped-down version of their hit single Deep End. Originally featured on their 2022 album, True Power, this reimagined rendition showcases a different side of the band’s musical prowess.

The updated recording takes a departure from the heavier instrumentation and instead embraces a more intimate and introspective approach. Driven by a captivating piano melody accompanied by acoustic guitars and a subtle drum pad, the stripped-down version of Deep End offers a fresh perspective on the song’s emotional depth.

Reflecting on the track, I Prevail share their personal connection to it, stating, “‘Deep End‘ felt special from the day we wrote it. Being one of the most introspective tracks on the record, it became a reflection on an attempt to stop battling certain things about yourself and instead learning to accept them as a part of who you are. There’s a peace to be found in that.”

The band members express their pride in the evolution of their softer side through this rendition, highlighting how it allowed them to explore different musical textures while retaining the essence of the original song. It showcases their versatility as musicians and their commitment to delivering impactful music.

Fans can now enjoy the performance video of Deep End (Stripped) on YouTube, immersing themselves in the raw and intimate atmosphere created by the band’s captivating performance. Additionally, for those craving a live experience, I Prevail have also released a live version of Deep End” from their London show earlier this year. The live rendition captures the energy and passion of their onstage presence, offering fans a taste of their electrifying performances.

The original version of Deep End has been making waves on the charts, currently sitting in the top 10 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart. Its success speaks to the band’s ability to connect with audiences through their powerful lyrics and captivating sound.

For I Prevail, the release of this stripped-down version of Deep End marks another milestone in their musical journey. It showcases their growth as artists and their willingness to explore new sonic territories. Fans and music enthusiasts alike can look forward to experiencing the band’s evolution as they continue to make their mark in the rock music scene.

So, whether you’re a dedicated fan or a newcomer to I Prevail‘s music, be sure to check out the mesmerizing stripped-down rendition of Deep End below and immerse yourself in the emotional journey it offers.

what's happening with I Prevail
I Prevail @ 013

CONCERT REVIEW: I Prevail Play Two Massive Sold Out Shows In The Netherlands On Their First Visit

Back in 2019, I Prevail played a select amount of dates and festivals in Europe, among which the first-ever show in Germany at Rock Am Ring, where they amassed an absolutely huge audience while not even playing the mainstage. It was already very likely at that point that I Prevail would continue on the path they were on to become one of the biggest bands in the scene. Fast words 3,5 years and a pandemic later, and the band finally returned to Europe to take on a lot of countries for the first time, and that includes The Netherlands.

The band managed to sell out not one, but two shows in the country, the first one being in Melkweg the Max, with a capacity of 1500. If that was not impressive enough for their first show in The Netherlands, I Prevail also managed to sell out Poppodium 013 in Tilburg, which can hold up to 3000 fans. Eager to check the band’s performance again after chatting with them minutes after they came off stage in Germany in 2019, we got to see and photograph I Prevail in both Amsterdam and Tilburg.

While originally the TRAUMA tour, I Prevail have released their third full-length TRUE POWER in 2022, which resulted in a mixed setlist which heavily featured both albums. On the Tilburg show, the band played 1 additional song in comparison to the Amsterdam show, and played a total of 15 songs, with 7 of those songs being from TRUE POWER and 5 from TRAUMA. The rest was filled with fan-favourites Come And Get It and Scars from the band’s debut album and the song from ILLENIUM they were featured on Feel Something.

From start to finish, I Prevail delivered an amazing show that showcased their incredible talent and energy. Eric Vanlerberghe and Brian Burkheiser, the band’s dynamic vocal duo, was an absolute powerhouse on stage, delivering vocals that effortlessly alternated between singing and aggressive screaming. His energy was infectious and the crowd was fully engaged throughout the entire performance. From start to finish, I Prevail’s performance was contagiously energetic. The band was ecstatic to finally be playing headliner shows in Europe, and the fans in the audience were very clearly elated to see the band finally perform in The Netherlands. Both shows were a celebration and we feel so fortunate to have witnessed them both.

The band’s talent, passion, and showmanship were all on full display, and it was clear that they had poured their hearts and souls into their performance, as they do their music. It’s no coincidence I Prevail have grown to become one of the biggest bands in the scene in a matter of years, and we are excited to see what will be next for the band. Check out photos from the band’s Amsterdam and Tilburg show below and make sure to catch I Prevail on the road if the opportunity presents itself.

I Prevail – Amsterdam

I Prevail – Tilburg