what's happening with Holding Absence
Holding Absence @ Dynamo Eindhoven 2023

PHOTO REVIEW: Holding Absence Play Ecstatic Show With Thornhill & Floya In Dynamo Eindhoven

Holding Absence, Thornhill, and Floya took the stage at Dynamo Eindhoven for a night of unforgettable music. In this photo review, we’ll capture the essence of this ecstatic show, where these bands brought their A-game, leaving the audience in awe and creating memories that will resonate long after the final chord was played.



Holding Absence

what's happening with Holding Absence
Holding Absence @ 013 Tilburg

Holding Absence Release New Single ‘A Crooked Melody’

Holding Absence released a new single today called A Crooked Melody.

The song got announced only 3 days ago when they posted a pre-save link on their Twitter. A music video will release later today.

This could be just a single or this could be the start of a new album. The last album that they released was in 2021 and they released an EP in 2022. Only time will tell what/if anything will come after this single.

Check out the announcement post and stream A Crooked Melody by Holding Absence below!

what's happening with Holding Absence
Holding Absence

CONCERT REVIEW: Holding Absence Give It Their All In Leicester

The last few years have seen the guys in Holding Absence, pretty much everywhere. After releasing their second studio album The Greatest Mistake Of My Life in 2021, they’ve toured constantly in support of the record that has undoubtedly taken things up a gear in terms of their career. The success that is now finally materializing for them, has been a long time coming and their current UK tour is proof of how well deserved this success is.

Support on this tour comes from the incredible Void of Vision all the way from Australia, and each night, a local artist, tonight was the turn of Leicester’s own pop-punk group, Next Year.

Opening the show on Monochrome, from their first record, and it’s clear that as many new fans there are in the room, there are just as many who have been here from the beginning. Lead vocalist, Lucas Woodland, touches on their history with the city and past visits to smaller venue, The Cookie.

After touring their latest album so extensively, the longer 13 track set-list shared between their two records and singles, gives us a bit of everything. Going from Beyond Belief, straight into hearing the audience bellow the intro to Like A Shadow, the connection this audience has to this band and their music is a palpable presence in the room, making this evening off to a magic start.

We’re even treated to Aching Longing, a track off their latest EP/Split with Alpha Wolf, which seems to be a hit with the crowd. Before playing Saint Cecilia, the name coming from the Patron Saint of Music, Woodland shares with the crowd that he wrote this song about his deep love for music, and frustration at the time that they would be pursuing a dream being in this band, knowing they may not be successful. Hearing them play this to a sold out crowd really does feel like a full circle moment for the band.

The excellence of this band live, cannot be overstated, Holding Absence are the band that you want to see succeed. With a stage presence that has improved with each show I’ve seen them play, even a few minutes of technical difficulties can’t dampen the mood or momentum of the show.

As they retake the stage for their encore, you cannot help but think the days of Holding Absence playing rooms this size in the UK, are numbered. Going into Afterlife, their biggest song to date, the audience responds, exactly as you would expect. Ending on fan favourite, Wilt, is nothing short of beautiful. A room full of people on their best mates shoulders, screaming every word. The reason we all go to shows, to collectively share beautiful moments with a roomful of strangers, listening to Wilt on a Friday night in Leicester was that feeling in a nutshell.

Holding Absence are on tour now, until the start of February across the UK. Limited tickets are still available to a few of the dates.