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ERRA @ Poppodium 013, Tilburg

PHOTO REVIEW: ERRA Bring Topmost Metalcore Package To Ecstatic Tilburg Audience

On this joyous New Music Friday, which included the release of Invent Animate‘s new album Heavener, ERRA took one of the most epic metalcore packages to Tilburg’s Poppodium 013. While the entire tour line-up includes Sentinels in addition to Invent Animate and Silent Planet, we unfortunately didn’t make it in time to see Sentinels perform. Luckily Invent Animate, Silent Planet and ERRA were more than capable to scratch that Metalcore itch. Photographer Eva van den Bosch checked it out and captured the 3 sets while in the crowd. Check it out right below.

Invent Animate:

Silent Planet: