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Caskets Release Single ‘More Than Misery’ And Announce New Album ‘Reflections’

Caskets have released a new single called More Than Misery after 2 months of releasing nothing and the song came with even better news. They will release a new album called Reflections soon.

They announced the single a week ago when they posted a snippet and release date on their social media. They also revealed in this post that Telle Smith would be featuring on the track. The post was not just a snippet of the song itself but there was a snippet of a music video, so fans had even more to look out for.

Today Caskets revealed that they will be releasing a new album called Reflections on August 11th, so there is still a while to go before the album releases. The album will have 10 tracks featuring on it, 3 of those songs are already available to stream on your preferred music streaming platform. The 10 tracks on the album will be:

1. Believe
2. More Than Misery (feat Telle Smith)
3. In The Silence
4. Too Late
5. By The Sound
6. Six Feet Down
7. Silhouettes
8. Guiding Light
9. Hate Me
10. Better Way Out

Check out the music video for More Than Misery and stream the singles of the album below!