what's happening with Bring Me The Horizon & Billie Eilish

Oliver Sykes Teases Potential Collaboration With Billie Eilish On Next Bring Me The Horizon Album

In a surprising turn of events, Billie Eilish may be gearing up for a collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon on their much-anticipated album, Post Human: NeX GEn.

During their NX_GN UK tour, Bring Me The Horizon have been playfully addressing the delays surrounding their upcoming album, providing fans with sneak peeks of what’s to come. Among the snippets unveiled is a particularly heavy excerpt from a track titled Limousine.

The speculation gained momentum when eagle-eyed fans noticed that Billie Eilish, a known enthusiast of heavy music, might be linked to the project. The Grammy-winning artist recently posted on Instagram about her Golden Globes win, and what caught fans’ attention was Bring Me The Horizon‘s frontman Oli Sykes commenting the word “Limousine” on the same post.

Check out all the evidence below and let us know what your thoughts are!