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Bad Omens & Poppy Release Live Video For ‘V.A.N.’

Bad Omens & Poppy have released a live video for their collaborative effort, V.A.N. This premiere took place amidst their tour stops in Europe, with the track making its first live appearance in Berlin as part of the Concrete Forever Tour.

The single V.A.N.—standing for Violence Against Nature—explores themes of artificial intelligence and forms a part of the forthcoming Concrete Forever project by Bad Omens. This project serves as an experimental expansion of their widely acclaimed 2022 album, The Death Of Peace Of Mind.

Prior to the official live video release, audiences got a taste of what to expect through its cinematic music video and various live snippets shared by fans. This official live rendition, however, offers a more immersive glimpse into the performance, capturing the energy shared with the audience.

Following the debut of V.A.N., Bad Omens have seen remarkable success, dominating the top 3 spots on Billboard’s Hot Hard Rock Songs Chart in the US with this track, Just Pretend, and The Death Of Peace Of Mind. This achievement highlights the band’s significant impact and the warm reception of their evolving musical direction.

Check out the live video below and let us know what you think!

what's happening with Bad Omens & Poppy
Bad Omens

CONCERT REVIEW: Bad Omens Are The Future Of The Alternative Scene

In the ever-evolving landscape of rock music, few bands have captured the zeitgeist with as much fervour and rapid ascent as Bad Omens have in the last two years. Riding the crest of an incredible wave of success following the release of their groundbreaking third album, THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND, the band marked a significant milestone in their career with their current and much-anticipated tour through Europe, after closing out a tour in the UK supporting Bring Me The Horizon. The previous year’s performance at the cosy confines of Dynamo in Eindhoven, although met with overwhelming demand, left a swath of fans outside the sold-out venue, their appetites for live music unfulfilled. Recognizing the fervent support from their Dutch fanbase, Bad Omens responded with a grand gesture: a concert at Poppodium 013 in Tilburg, a venue capable of hosting 3,000 attendees, offering a long-awaited redemption for those previously unable to witness the band’s live prowess.

This time, the band wasn’t alone in creating a night of unforgettable music; they were joined by Poppy, a label mate and an artist in her own renaissance. Having established herself with a blend of pop and metal on her album I Disagree in 2020, Poppy has become a phenomenon that transcends genres. For many Dutch fans, the evening promised a first live encounter with Poppy, especially after the disappointment of her last tour’s cancellation due to illness. Gracing the stage with a 30-minute set, Poppy delivered a unique performance that was not only a showcase of her recent success but also a testament to her versatility as an artist. Dressed in her uniquely captivating attire and backed by a mesmerizing yet mostly one-coloured light show, Poppy‘s set was a journey through her hits, including the anthemic I Disagree, the heavier Bite Your Teeth, and the musical rollercoaster and personal favourite Concrete. Her performance was an immersive experience, bridging her enigmatic online persona with her musical evolution, leaving fans and newcomers alike spellbound.

The anticipation built into an electrifying crescendo as Bad Omens prepared to take the stage, a mere 20 minutes after Poppy’s set—a shorter intermission than usual, but one that was appreciated by all. As the lights dimmed, the venue was filled with the roar of 3,000 fans, a testament to the band’s growing appeal. Bad Omens did not just perform; they transformed Poppodium 013 into a bastion of their musical narrative, complete with CO-2 cannons, massive screens, and a setlist that was a bold declaration of their artistic identity. Focusing predominantly on THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND, the band played 11 tracks from the album, interspersed with selections from their earlier work, creating a comprehensive showcase of their evolution, while maintaining

The concert was a dynamic blend of energy with subtle storytelling in the interludes, with the band’s performance and storytelling aspects enhanced by visual narratives displayed on the LED screens. This multimedia approach not only enriched the concert experience but also built anticipation during the show. The night’s pinnacle came when Poppy rejoined Bad Omens on stage for V.A.N, a collaboration that highlighted the synergies between their musical styles and the shared admiration within their fanbases.

While the concert was a spectacle of sound and light, it also prompted reflections on the nature of live performances and the expectations of fans. At just over an hour, some attendees were left craving more—a sentiment that underscores the band’s explosive popularity and the immersive quality of their shows. Nevertheless, the night was a milestone for Bad Omens, signifying not just another concert but a pivotal moment in their ascent within the music industry.

As Bad Omens continue to navigate the complexities of fame, creativity, and the demands of an ever-growing fanbase, their trajectory seems poised for even loftier achievements. With a blend of raw energy, innovative music, and a commitment to evolving their live performances, Bad Omens is not just participating in the rock music scene; they are shaping its future. The concert at Poppodium 013 wasn’t just a performance; it was a statement of intent, a promise of more to come, and a celebration of the unbreakable bond between artists and their fans. As the band looks forward, their path is lined with the potential for headline festival slots, larger venues, and an enduring legacy in the annals of rock music.

what's happening with Bad Omens & Poppy
Bad Omens

Bad Omens & Poppy Join Forces On New Song ‘V.A.N.’

Breaking musical barriers, Bad Omens and Poppy have dropped a groundbreaking collaboration, V.A.N., offering a glimpse into Bad Omens’ upcoming album, Concrete Forever.

V.A.N., an acronym for “violence against nature,” blends Bad Omens‘ industrial-metal prowess with Poppy‘s ethereal vocals. The track, accompanied by a visually stunning music video on YouTube, marks the first release from the band’s upcoming album.

Noah Sebastian, the mastermind behind Bad Omens, revealed the song’s origin, saying, “‘V.A.N.’ started with the hook ‘violence against nature,’ evolving into lyrics from the perspective of a rogue artificial intelligence.”

As Bad Omens embark on their European tour with Poppy as direct support, fans worldwide can catch a global streaming event of the January 28th and 29th shows in Germany on Veeps. This ensures that everyone can experience the magic of V.A.N. live.

Check out the new track and music video below and let us know what you think!