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Ben Bruce Announces Departure From Asking Alexandria

In a heartfelt Instagram post yesterday, Ben Bruce, founder and guitarist of Asking Alexandria, revealed his decision to step away from the band. Citing family medical situations and the desire to be present for his children’s important moments, Bruce expressed gratitude to fans for years of support.

Known for his integral role in all eight studio albums, including the recent Where Do We Go From Here?, Bruce‘s departure marks a significant change for the metalcore band.

Read Ben’s full statement below:

“To My Amazing AA Family,

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone for the years of love and support. It means more to me than you can imagine. I’ve spent my entire life dedicated to music. It’s been my first love since about the age of 2 and the journey I’ve been on has been absolutely incredible. As I’ve grown older and my life has inevitably changed, I have come to realize how precious time is. The time I have spent with all of you has been the time of my life. But now it’s time to dedicate my life to my family.

On top of family medical situations, leaving my children means missing out on too many important moments in their lives. It’s so important for me to be there for them as they grow, and to be here for my family as they need me to be, which means, after a lot of thought, I will be stepping away from Asking Alexandria.

Thank you to everyone who has come and seen me play live and listened to the songs I’ve written over the years. The memories will love on in my heart forever. I truly love you all so much for the years of support you’ve given me and Asking Alexandria. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


what's happening with Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria @ Zeche, Bochem

PHOTO REVIEW: Capturing The Energy Of Asking Alexandria And Silenzer At Bochum’s Zeche

Step into the world of rock and metal as we bring you a thrilling photo review capturing the performances of Asking Alexandria and Silenzer at Bochum’s Zeche. Through stunning visuals, we’ll take you on a visual journey that showcases the raw energy, passion, and unforgettable moments of this concert experience. Get ready to witness the power of music frozen in time through these captivating photographs our photographer Sabine de Graaf took.


Asking Alexandria:

what's happening with Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria Release New Song And Music Video For ‘Dark Void’

Asking Alexandria is back with new music. They have released their new song called Dark Void today.

They posted the first teaser for the song 2 weeks ago. They posted a snippet of the song on their Instagram with the name and release date of the album. They kept posting about the song and revealed that there would also be a music video to go along with the song.

This could very well mark the start of a new album cycle for Asking Alexandria since it has been a while since they released their latest album(not counting the deluxe version).

Check out the music video or stream the song on Spotify below!