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Architects @ AFAS Live

CONCERT REVIEW: Architects Showcase Innovation & Evolution During Sold-Out Amsterdam Show

Commencing our year with a resounding bang, Architects graced the stage of Amsterdam’s AFAS LIVE, reprising the start of our year 2019, in which Architects was also the first show, in the same venue. A span of five years has seen Architects undergo a profound evolution, a testament to their versatility and artistic growth. In the yesteryear of 2019, their repertoire leaned heavily on the side of heaviness and aggression. Fast forward to 2024, and the band has seamlessly woven melodic elements into their musical tapestry, resulting in a dynamic and enthralling sound that now resonates with a broader audience.

This transformation proved to be a triumph, evident in the current Spotify charts where the majority of Architects‘ popular tunes hail from their latest releases, namely, the albums For Those That Wish To Exist and the classic symptoms of a broken spirit. The setlist, a testament to this shift, heavily favoured the new material, featuring a staggering eight songs from For Those That Wish To Exist and three from the classic symptoms of a broken spirit. However, not to disappoint the die-hard Architects aficionados, the band tossed in a few classics like ‘Gravedigger‘ and These Colours Don’t Run.

In a departure from their previous use of lasers and pyrotechnics, Architects opted for confetti and infectious choruses, orchestrating a visual odyssey with towering screens positioned in three tiers. Members of the band occupied each level, creating a multi-dimensional stage that elevated the visual spectacle. While most musicians had their station on any of the tiers, vocalist Sam Carter would often switch platforms.

The undeniable respect Architects command within the music industry was only reaffirmed during their Amsterdam performance. Vocalist Sam Carter‘s live ‘clean’ vocals stood out, showcasing an impressive vocal range and control. As the band’s sonic landscape evolves, Carter’s versatility takes center stage, with a pronounced focus on singing rather than aggressive screams, a transition flawlessly executed not only in the studio but also in their live performances. Between songs, Architects engaged with the audience, delving into the meaning behind certain tracks and expressing heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support from their fans. They marveled at the sold-out venue, a stark contrast to their humble show about 8 years ago, when they played at Amsterdam’s Melkweg’s ‘oude zaal’ with a capacity of 700 people.

While the show undoubtedly demonstrated Architects‘ ongoing growth, personally, it did not reach the monumental heights set by their 2019 performance surrounding the release of Holy Hell. I am a sucker for pyro-technics, and the laser show that accompanied that show was truly unforgettable. Nevertheless, appreciation is due to the band’s commitment to evolving their live performances and exploring new avenues to connect with their audience.

Architects continue their upward trajectory, poised to headline the largest alternative music festival in the Netherlands this summer: Jera On Air. Anticipating a spectacle of grand proportions, one can only wonder what Architects has in store for the 15,000-strong audience of fans and enthusiasts. Until then, dive into the visuals from their Amsterdam show in the gallery below!

what's happening with Architects
Architects @ Rock Am Ring 2023

Architects Release New Single ‘Seeing Red’ With Music Video

Great news from the Architects camp, it seems that the new era has started, with the band releasing a brand new song Seeing Red, accompanied by a music video.

The new single hits 2 months before the band will hit the road in Europe, playing some of their biggest shows in mainland Europe to date. Later In 2024, Architects will grace the stage supporting Metallica on select dates.

Get excited for these massive shows by watching the music video for the brand new single Seeing Red right below and let us know your thoughts on Architects‘ latest.

what's happening with Architects

GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets For Architects In AFAS Live, Amsterdam

On the 26th of January, Architects will be performing in AFAS Live, Amsterdam featuring Spiritbox and Loathe.

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what's happening with Architects
Architects @ Rock Am Ring 2023

Architects Announce 2024 Tour With Spiritbox & Loathe

Exciting news from the Architects camp this Monday, as the band have announced a brand new tour taking place early next year in 11 European cities.

For these shows happening in January and February, Architects will not be coming alone. For these shows, support will come from the popular Spiritbox and opening act Loathe. These shows are going to be epic.

All the dates & details can be found on the poster found below. Tickets for these shows will go on sale this coming Thursday. You don’t want to miss out.

what's happening with Architects
Architects @ Rock Am Ring 2023

Architects And Amon Amarth Announced As Headliners For Bloodstock 2024

Bloodstock 2023 wrapped up with a bang, and now, the excitement for 2024 builds.

Architects and Amon Amarth are revealed as the first headliners for next year’s festival. Other announced acts are MalevolenceFlogging MollyClutchGreen LungIgorrrKorpiklaaniRotting ChristUnleash The ArchersHellripperInfected RainSepticflesh and Night Flight Orchestra.

Get ready for a massive lineup and intense performances from August 8th until 11th, 2024, at Catton Park in Derbyshire.

Check out the poster below and let us know what you think of the lineup so far!

what's happening with Architects

Architects Announce Departure Of Guitarist Josh Middleton

Architects have revealed that guitarist Josh Middleton has officially parted ways with the band. The news was confirmed through an Instagram post on the band’s official account, featuring a heartfelt message expressing both gratitude and the decision to pursue separate paths. The departure of Middleton marks the end of an era for Architects, but the band members assured fans that they remain close friends despite their professional parting.

The post captured a poignant moment, depicting all five members of Architects standing together onstage after a performance supporting the legendary band Metallica. “It is with a heavy heart that we announce Josh’s time in the band has come to an end,” the message read. “It has gradually become apparent that we need to go our separate ways, but we remain close friends.”

Middleton’s tenure with Architects began in 2016 when he joined as the band’s touring guitarist, stepping in after the tragic loss of founding member Tom Searle. In 2017, Middleton became a full-time member, taking up the role of the band’s six-stringer. It was an impressive juggling act as he continued to be the driving force behind his original band, Sylosis, simultaneously.

Architects expressed deep gratitude for Middleton’s role in keeping the band alive during their darkest hour. “Josh was a life raft for the band after we lost Tom, and he gave us a way to keep the band alive through the hardest experience of our lives. We will always be grateful to him for that.” The band members shared their well wishes for Middleton’s future endeavors and encouraged fans to keep an eye out for the upcoming Sylosis record, set to release later this year.

Check out the announcement below and share your thoughts on it.