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ALBUM REVIEW: All Time Low – ‘Tell Me I’m Alive’

For anyone that remembers All Time Low’s first few records, it might make you feel a little old when you learn that the Maryland Pop-Punkers are celebrating 20 years of being a band this year, and what better way to do it than releasing their ninth studio album, Tell Me I’m Alive.

Title track, Tell Me I’m Alive, opens the album. With the recent rejuvenation of Pop-Punk, and an influx of new bands coming onto the scene, it’s fair to say I was expecting this record to reflect that. However, Tell Me I’m Alive shies away from that and embraces more pop and far less punk. Latest single, Calm Down, accompanied by a comical and creepy music video, seems to be an instant fan favourite. Packed with emotion and echoing a lot of people’s feelings about the world we’ve all been living in for the last few years, you can see why this one is resonating with so many people.

Although All Time Low seem to be having a lot more mainstream success over the course of their last few releases, some of the stand out moments on the album come from tracks that sound like old-school All Time Low, all grown up. Kill Ur Vibe, English Blood // American Heartache and The Other Side remind us of ATL’s roots and prove that they can still write authentic pop-punk tracks that are worthy of going on repeat.

Over the years All Time Low have been no strangers to collaboration, joining forces with The Band CAMINO, Pale Waves and having huge success with track Monster ft Demi Lovato and blackbear, it’s no surprise to see a collab on Tell Me I’m Alive. New Religion (featuring Teddy Swims) injects some energy onto the album, his vocals alongside Alex Gaskarth’s really elevate the track.

They bring the album to a close with Lost Along The Way, the softer, slower number touches on the themes of solitude and loneliness, which seem to appear throughout the album. Their previous record, Wake Up Sunshine was released at the very beginning of the pandemic, so Tell Me I’m Alive is our first real insight into the impact the last few years of isolation have had and how it’s influenced their song writing.

Tell Me I’m Alive is out now everywhere! Just finishing a handful of UK acoustic shows and an anniversary night at Wembley, they’re not showing any signs of slowing down and are due to tour across the states with Mayday Parade and Games We Play this spring/summer. All Time Low are known for giving energy fueled, unforgettable live performances so if you love this new record be sure not to miss out.

Check out the new album below and let us know what you think of it!

what's happening with All Time Low
All Time Low @ Poppodium 013

CONCERT REVIEW: All Time Low Bring Old And New Hits To Sold Out Show In Tilburg

All Time Low came to the Netherlands in the middle of the release cycle of their upcoming album Tell Me I’m Alive. The album itself releases on March 17th but they’ve already released the first three singles. The singles being Modern Love, Tell Me I’m Alive and Sleepwalking. They didn’t come alone though, they took Lauran Hibberd and Games We Play with them.

Lauran Hibberd was up first, I didn’t get in the venue on time because of the long queue to see the start of her set but I was intrigued once I got inside. She was wearing this really poofy white dress with big black soft looking boots under it.

She was dancing all over the podium during her songs. She got the crowd going fairly well even though there weren’t that many people in the venue yet. She also got herself and her band going pretty well because later in her set Lauran dragged her guitarist a bit over stage by her leg. After the song she made the quick joke that her guitarist had to legally say that she consented to it to which the guitarist replied, “Help me”. Check out the pictures we took there below!

Lauran Hibberd:

Up next was Games We Play. This American band had this extremely casual vibe on stage. It felt like a few friends randomly said on a day: “Let’s make a band” and the end result is Games We Play. It took a few songs for the crowd to get used to the band but once they played Mr. Brightside(original by The Killers) the crowd got fired up. The energy of lead singer, Emmyn, on stage is amazing. He was dancing the entire time, moving all over stage and having great crowd interactions.

They told a few stories behind some songs like the fact that their song Kristina is based on a real story where a married woman hit on one of his friends.  Their latest song Hey Ben is also based on a real story.

Later on, Emmyn came with an idea. He talked about this idea before he got on stage with his bandmates. He’d been friends with both bandmates for the longest time but they’d never kissed before. So that’s what they did. Emmyn gave a kiss to both of his bandmates. Check out the pictures we took there below!

Games We Play:

Last but not least, the show why most people were there: All Time Low. They got on stage and got the crowd going immediately. Starting off with PMA, the crowd sang every single lyric with the band. After a few songs they tried to open a pit which worked for a little but closed again really fast too.

The first half of the show wasn’t really special in my opinion. They played songs back to back basically and the crowd had to clap along with every single song. But things changed a bit around the time in the set where lead singer Alex Gaskarth played Once In A Lifetime on piano. It was just him and nothing else. All the lights were off except for a few spotlights on him.

A little before that Jack Barakat admitted to doing acid before the show so he was imagining fairies and unicorns as usual. Except he said that he was enjoying the show so much that he imagined the crowd riding the unicorns. After this short interaction they asked the crowd to give a well-deserved applause to both of the openers.

They also did a short contest between the two sides of the crowd as to who could make more noise, in the end the right side won though. Jack made the quick joke that this would make his ears ring until 3am and that it sounded a bit like a One Direction concert in the venue now. They played a few more songs and then they got off stage.

When they got back for the encore, they started with Weightless after which they played their hit song Monster. They finished the set with their incredibly famous song Dear Maria, Count Me In.

Overall I’d highly recommend you check out either one or all of these bands. Their live performances are all so unique and casual that it’s really fun to be there. Check out the All Time Low pictures below and let us know what you thought of their concert if you went to one!

All Time Low:

what's happening with All Time Low
All Time Low @ Cologne

PHOTO REVIEW: All Time Low’s Epic Cologne Show Through The Lens

All Time Low played a big show in Cologne with Games We Play & Lauran Hibberd and Christine Mooijer went down there to photograph proceedings. Witness the All Time Low show through her lens in the gallery below.

Lauran Hibberd:

Games We Play:

All Time Low:

what's happening with All Time Low
All Time Low 2022

All Time Low Announce Live Stream Of Performance At OVO Arena Wembley

American pop-punk band All Time Low has announced that they will be live streaming their upcoming performance at the OVO Arena Wembley on March 17th.

The live stream, which has been rebranded as the official Tell Me I’m Alive album launch party, will be presented in cinematic quality: 4K UHD video resolution with Dolby Atmos technology.

Tickets for the exclusive performance are now on sale and can be bought here.

Earlier this week, the band also announced that they are going to play some intimate acoustic shows in the UK.

All Time Low has a massive following, and their live shows are known to be high-energy and electrifying. The band’s lead vocalist, Alex Gaskarth, said in a statement how they feel about the live stream:

‘We’re excited to announce that the Wembley show, our album release celebration, will now be a live-stream event for the world to join in. We know it’s going to be a really special, fun night and we wanted to make sure as many of our fans around the world would have the chance to be involved and participate.

The OVO Arena Wembley is a significant venue in London, UK, and has been the site of many iconic performances over the years. All Time Low’s performance there promises to be no different, with the band performing a mix of old favorites and new hits.

They are sure to bring the house down at the OVO Arena Wembley on March 17th.

Check out the announcement below and let us know if you plan on watching!

what's happening with All Time Low
All Time Low 2022

All Time Low Announce Acoustic UK Shows

All Time Low have announced a trio of intimate UK acoustic shows, much to the delight of their British fans. The band will perform at three different venues across the country in March 2023.

The acoustic shows are part of All Time Low’s Tell Me I’m Alive tour, which will see them perform in Europe and the UK. The band will visit Coventry, Dundee and London for the acoustic performances.

You can pre-order the Tell Me I’m Alive album for ticket access tomorrow at 11am GMT / 6AM ET.

Check out the announcement below and let us know if you plan on attending!

what's happening with All Time Low
All Time Low 2022

All Time Low Release New Single ‘Modern Love’, Announce New Tour

It’s a good day to be an All Time Low fan! The band have released a brand new single earlier today titled Modern Love, and have also announced a big tour to take place in May and June!

The new single is titled Modern Love and has been teased for a while, it’s the 2nd new piece of music we have gotten from the band so far in 2023! You can stream the song via Spotify right below. Details surrounding the tour can be found below!

All Time Low are about to embark on a tour through Europe, with Games We Play, but that has not stopped them from announcing another tour, with yet again support from Games We Play, in addition to Mayday Parade as direct support. The bands will be playing shows all across the United States of America in both May and June. Tickets for these shows will go on sale this friday, and all the dates can be checked out right below!