what's happening with Highly Suspect
Highly Suspect @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

PHOTO REVIEW: A Visual Journey Of Highly Suspect At Amsterdam’s Melkweg

Amsterdam’s Melkweg ignited with raw energy as Highly Suspect took the stage.

Join us on this visual journey through a night filled with the joy of live music. From the lively performance on stage to the charged atmosphere, these pictures aim to give you a glimpse of what the concert was like.

what's happening with Pennywise
Pennywise @ Melkweg, Amsterdam

PHOTO REVIEW: Pennywise Bring Their All To Amsterdam’s Melkweg

Amsterdam was gripped by a wave of anticipation as iconic punk rock band Pennywise took the stage at the renowned Melkweg venue. With an undeniable reputation for delivering high-energy performances, the band did not disappoint. From the moment the first chords resonated through the crowd, it was clear that the band would be giving their all that night. Blending their timeless hits with an exhilarating stage presence, Pennywise reaffirmed their status as punk legends, leaving the audience both exhilarated and haunted by their unforgettable performance.

Check out the photos our photographer made below:

what's happening with Royal Blood
Royal Blood Paradiso 2023

PHOTO REVIEW: Royal Blood’s Unforgettable Concert At Amsterdam’s Paradiso

Thunderous rhythms and electrifying anticipation filled the air at Amsterdam’s legendary Paradiso. Amidst the iconic venue’s historic walls, a storm of rock ‘n’ roll was about to descend upon the eager crowd. This was the moment when Royal Blood, the dynamic duo hailed for their explosive sound and magnetic stage presence, would unleash their sonic majesty and captivate the hearts of all in attendance. From the very first chord, Paradiso would bear witness to a concert experience that transcended boundaries and left an indelible mark on the souls of those fortunate enough to be part of this rock pilgrimage.

Royal Blood:

what's happening with Polyphia
Polyphia @ Melkweg 2023

CONCERT REVIEW: Polyphia Mesmerize Amsterdam With Beautiful Show

Amsterdam’s iconic music venue, Melkweg, bore witness to an extraordinary spectacle as Polyphia, the progressive instrumental powerhouse, took the stage. Blending virtuosity and innovation, Polyphia captivated the crowd with their mesmerizing fusion of progressive metal, rock, and jazz elements, delivering an awe-inspiring performance that transcended genre boundaries. With ethereal melodies, intricate riffs, and infectious grooves, the band’s collective synergy and technical prowess enthralled the audience, while the venue’s impeccable acoustics intensified the sonic journey, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who experienced this spellbinding musical extravaganza. Check out the pictures below!


what's happening with Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Rainbow Kitten Surprise @ Melkweg 2023

PHOTO REVIEW: Rainbow Kitten Surprise Back In The Netherlands With Great Show

Rainbow Kitten Surprise was finally back in the Netherlands after 5 long years. They played here last in 2018, in the same venue as they did last time. Katharina Mrdenovic was there to take some great pictures!

Rainbow Kitten Surprise: