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Sleeping With Sirens Exceed Expectations At Vulnerable Utrecht Show


The time had finally come. Sleeping With Sirens returned to The Netherlands to promote the release of their latest record “Gossipâ€, which the band released last year. The new record “Gossip†goes deep lyrically and the liveshow surrounding this emotional record can be described as the same.

As support, Sleeping With Sirens were joined by Chapel, a very charismatic and hilarious duo that reminded us a tad of Twenty One Pilots. The duo released their debut EP “Sunday Brunch” last year and have been promoting this release on the road ever since. The duo performed the tracks in a sublime fashion and got the crowd going. We caught their performance through the lens and can be checked out in the gallery below!

Sleeping With Sirens took the stage and quickly burst into song “We Like It Loudâ€, an up-beat firestarter from the band’s 2015 record “Madnessâ€. Band and crowd alike got hyped, as the band found their place on stage and frontman Kellin Quinn started working his magic. Quickly following the anthemic “We Like It Loudâ€, another “Madness†fan favourite: “Go Go Goâ€. 

Next up was another “Madness†track, a tad more emotional one this time. Briefly before the track hit, frontman Kellin Quinn used his position of power to passionately address the crowd in a riled-up speech about the power of music, his current deep-rooted struggles and the humanity of all artists, rather than the godlike superhumans we tend to worship and put on a pedestal. Kellin Quinn showed an honest human moment with the likes of over 1.500 fans, and that takes a lot of courage.

​Finishing his rant with the track “Better Off Deadâ€, after which Kellin Quinn admitted and apologized for being an asshole in the past, showing once again the new record “Gossip†is an eminent reflection of Quinn’s (perhaps) newfound self-reflectory behaviour. It makes sense that afterwards, Sleeping With Sirens showcased some tracks off of this new record, which were played with undeniable flair. “Gossip†takes Sleeping With Sirens to uncharted territories, but they own it like they have done it for years. After “Empire To Ashes†and “Hole In My Heartâ€, the band took a step back and performed an acoustic rendition of “One Man Armyâ€. 

Following this performance, Sleeping With Sirens continued quite routine, playing some old and some new, with a special shoutout to the performance of “Congratulations†off the record “Feelâ€, in which Jake Fowler could show off his guitar brilliance in the solo. The band’s set came to its way-too-soon conclusion with the anthemic “Legendsâ€. Of course, the band did return to the stage and ended the emotional rollercoaster of a performance with one of the heaviest tracks in the band’s discography “Kick Meâ€. 

I’ve seen Sleeping With Sirens for 10 times in a timespan of 4 years, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that the band has gotten progressively better. Not only their records have gotten more real and more mature, the band’s liveshow have reached new heights. The musicians play together as if they’ve been together for five lifetimes and the moments of pure self-reflection and humanity made Sleeping With Sirens’ show just that much more special. The band’s current tour is a vulnerable emotion-filled ride and can make you see the band in a whole new light. Grab a ticket to a “Gossip†show happening near you. You will not regret it.


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