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Frank Iero Talks My Chemical Romance Reference In New Track


Frank Iero has released a new track with his new band Frank Iero and the Future Violents two months ago, called "Young & Doomed", which is the first single off of their upcoming record.

In the track he makes a reference to a My Chemical Romance track.

In the second verse, he sings "Cause kids are so unkind, to kids of different kinds. And I promise that I’m not okay, (Oh, wait, that’s the other guy)" – referring to "Three Cheers To Sweet Revenge" track "I’m Not Okay (I Promise)".

When speaking to Hysteria Magazine
Frank Iero talked about this reference:

“I don’t know if I was purposely trying to stir shit? It was more that I liked the idea of breaking down this fourth wall.

To me, it was very much like reading a comic and you find out that two superheroes are in the same universe even though they don’t necessarily interact. I like the fact that it called back to previous work.

I feel a song like ‘Young & Doomed’ is very tied to a song like ‘I’m Not Okay’ and it’s also really tied to a song like ‘I’m a Mess’… So that line, it just fits so perfectly.

Yeah, I knew that it was going to cause some disruption for others, but what I was hoping for was that attention would be brought to what I was actually trying to say within the song.”

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