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Melanie Martinez Gives Update On “Mad Hatter” Video, Sophomore Album & Film Project


While the entire fanbase is holding its breath in anticipation for Melanie Martinez’ music video for “Mad Hatter”, Melanie Martinez celebrates the success of her debut album “Cry Baby”, who’s been in the Billboard 200 for 103 weeks now. As the record was released two years ago, Martinez caught up with Billboard and gave some insight on how things are looking when it comes to the “Mad Hatter”, aswell as the sophomore album.

“It’s a lot of CGI animation stuff,” Melanie Martinez shares with Billboard “so right now they’re working on the effects and hopefully I’ll be able to put that out by end of September.” 

As we’re aware of, the sophomore record will be accompanied by a film to weave together all the tracks on the upcoming record. This record is rumoured to release in the Fall of this year. On the sophomore record and the film that accompanies it, Melanie Martinez shared the following in her chat with Billboard:

“It’s all of the videos together of the next record, all thirteen, with dialogue and whatnot in between connecting all of them together. and I’m directing it and writing it and styling it and doing the makeup. The film is really a huge priority of mine, because it’s really important to me that people can truly understand the sentiment and the story when they hear the record for the first time, and I really want people to be able to follow along properly. … I have such a clear vision in my head, but it’s always about the execution. I’m a perfectionist, and even if something comes out great, it’s still not perfect, you know?”

Are you excited for new Melanie Martinez music? How do you feel about an entire film being produced by her? Share your thoughts!