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Bring Me The Horizon @ ZiggoDome, Amsterdam

Bring Me The Horizon Tease A New Song Is Coming Soon

Bring Me The Horizon‘s latest release, sTraNgeRs, was released over half a year ago.

As a result, the question of when new music is coming was deemed quite fair in Impericon’s recent interview with drummer Matt Nicholls.

“New songs coming? Yeah. We’re actually working on them at the minute. We’ve got a studio on our bus. We did it in America, we wrote a bunch of stuff, actually, and recorded some stuff in America as well. So hopefully one pretty soon.

As for the basics of a record, we’ve got some good stuff coming along. It took a while. These things are always hard, especially for us, because our band’s quite perfectionist, and we change our mind a lot as well. You’ll write something one day and think it’s wicked, and then you’ll go away and come back to it and you don’t think it’s as good as you thought it was originally.

It’s coming, just trust us, trust the process. We’ve got some good stuff coming along, and hopefully this tour we’ve got some downtime where usually we just play FIFA, but instead we’re trying to write music. It’s coming along well, and we should have a song, at least, very soon.”

We saw the band recently in Amsterdam, where the band also asked the crowd whether they’d be interested in a Sempiternal 10-year anniversary show. Could this be for real or is just a tease?

The band were also just announced as support for Fall Out Boy‘s North American tour.

You can watch the full interview with Nicholls below and let. usknow whether or not you are excited for new Bring Me The Horizon music!