Magnolia Park is back with their new EP, Heart Eater, which dropped on June 9, 2022. This EP is nothing short of pop-punk bangers that will have you head-banging and singing along in no time. Heart Eater comes a year after the group’s album, Halloween Mixtape. With amazing collaborations with other artists, Heart Eater is sure to be a hit this year. Let’s dive right into the EP track by track!

Feel Something

Originally released as a single back in May, Feel Something makes its way onto Heart Eater as the opening track. The song also features vocals from Mayday Parade’s own Derek Sanders. With a dynamic chorus: “I wanna sing out loud/And jump around/I wanna touch the sky/Mosh in the crowd/I wanna feel something/I wanna feel something,” this song is all too relatable for those who have ever felt isolated or depressed.


Gravedigger begins with an almost 80’s inspired electro-pop intro. We then delve into the classic Magnolia Park sound with guitars and a catchy chorus: “I’m a gravedigger/And you're my pain dealer/You can take all this pain/You’re my painkiller.” Despite the bleak words, the song undeniably makes me want to dance. I could very easily picture myself at Warped Tour (or better yet, a Magnolia Park show), singing my heart out with a sweaty and eager crowd. Gravedigger also features vocals from Chad Tepper.


Speaking of summer bops, this has to be one of my favorites off Heart Eater. I loved the playful, light sound the song gave despite being a song about insecurities. This is definitely one of those songs you’ll want to blast in your car with the windows down.


Last but not least, we have Tokyo. Tokyo is a fast-paced yet somewhat gentler song. Bad Suns’ Christo Bowman is also featured on the track and his voice adds some unique layers and sounds to it. The song is about feeling like you’re running out of time, and that’s very much the feeling I got as I listened to it. You start to feel like you’re in Tokyo with your loved one, trying to soak up as much time as you can with them before it runs out. The song gradually slows down, and as it ends, so does your time.

Heart Eater is a lot of fun to listen to. I feel like it will definitely be a part of people’s summer playlists. With its stunning lyrics and sound, listeners are sure to enjoy it whether you’ve been a fan of Magnolia Park for a while or are just getting started. Stream Heart Eater below and let us know which song was your favorite!

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