Neck Deep performed in De Melkweg in Amsterdam last Thursday and it was amazing. It was the last show of their European tour and they ended it with a lot of energy. The lineup of the evening was also a good choice, Happydaze and Boston Manor were great. The crowd loved them too, there were people jumping and moshpits during their sets.

I arrived not too long before the doors opened, however, it started raining the last 10 minutes. Everyone slowly got inside around 7PM and most people went either to the lockers or to the merch stand first. I was able to stand pretty close to the stage and the concert hall was slowly filling while Happydaze was playing.

To be honest, Happydaze was a really pleasant surprise. They said it was their 27th show of all time but it was quite nice for the small amount of experience they have. This small Scottish rock band had some great songs which the crowd also loved. There was some decent crowd interaction, however, it felt like they tried too much. As if they were trying to imitate other artists too much. They could just be themselves and it would be a better show. It wasn’t bad by any means, I really enjoyed the music they played and it sounded amazing. They got off stage around 8PM.

At around 8:30PM it got all dark again and Boston Manor came up. This was the biggest surprise of the evening in my opinion. I did not know them at all prior to the evening but I loved their performance a lot. There was already a moshpit at the second song and the crowd went wild the whole set. They will be in the Netherlands again in October so if you love Neck Deep, be sure to check Boston Manor out too!

It was time for Neck Deep half an hour after Boston Manor played. I moved from the third row to the balcony so that I could take more notes. This gave me a great view of the crowd and I’ve barely seen such an active crowd. It looked great, there was already a pit from the first song on. The pits stayed as the songs continued and at What Did You Expect the crowd surfing really started to intensify.

They played When You Know and She’s A God back to back while being called ‘Cheesy love songs’. Right after that they were done with the love songs and yelled: “Fuck all those lovers!” After which they played December a heartbreak song. The contrast was incredibly funny during the show. Especially since they also hung the microphone over the crowd for them to sing along. Right after that, they switched back to a love song with A Part Of Me.

Ben Barlow, the frontman of Neck Deep, tried to join the crowd during Can’t Kick Up The Roots but he failed, sadly. Then during the next song, Where Do We Go When We Go, he jumped in the crowd and started crowd surfing with a bunch of other crowd surfers. After this the setlist had “ended” and they went off stage. Though, they came back after being off stage for 30 seconds. As encore, they played Gold Steps and In Bloom.

Barlow held a speech right before their last song. It was their last European tour show and that called for a few words. He mostly talked about what the tour was like for them and thanked a lot of people. Especially the production team which continued immediately to America for the American part of their tour. The performance was amazing and I would highly recommend that, if you don’t know Neck Deep yet, you give them a listen. Check out the photos we took below!

Boston Manor
Neck Deep