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LIVE REVIEW: The Amity Affliction Charm Crowd With Stellar Performance


The Amity Affliction, the Australian phenomenal, recently released their brand new record "Misery", which saw the band shift their sound from a catchy metalcore variant to a more distinguished and diverse sound.

With the release of the new record, came a monstrous tour announcement, which took the band to venues all across Europe with support from The Plot In You, Endless Heights and Dream State.

On this tour, the band didn’t skip out on The Netherlands, and performed at the biggest venue the band have done yet in the Netherlands. With a line-up this packed, it was a rather good decision to have this venue, as it filled up great. 

For us, the evening started with a set from Endless Heights, an incredible band from Australia, who recently released their sophomore full-length record "Vicious Pleasure", which have taken the band to higher grounds, on their way up to endless heights. While their new record is a great listen, the band’s stellar performance gives the record entirely new meaning. Vocalist Joel Martorana has an incredible voice, and the band collectively made it their mission to display as much energy as humanly possible while performing favourite tracks off of their discography.

Immediate support for The Amity Affliction were The Plot In You, another incredible band. Hailing from Ohio, The Plot In You are already on their fourth record, which they released earlier this year via Fearless Records.

The band’s latest album "DISPOSE" has opened doors for the band, such as taking on a tour supporting The Amity Affliction across Europe. The Plot In You kicked off their set with just the vocalist Landon Tewers taking the stage, as he burst into "RIGGED", which immediately showcased Tewers’ incredible singing and screaming voice.

With half the crowd covered in goosebumps, The Plot In You continued to amaze, with tracks from their discography, but with the focus on the latest release. Keep an eye out for these guys, as we’ll be hearing a lot from them if they continue this path!

Finally, Australian behemoth The Amity Affliction took the stage and kicked off their set with a track off of the brand new release "Misery": "Drag The Lake". With a discography as big as The Amity Affliction, it’s a tough call to create a setlist that appeals to fans of all stages of the band, but while the focus obviously laid with "Misery", the band made sure to not skimp on old fan favourites. As a result, the setlist included "Chasing Ghosts" and "Open Letter" from the band’s 2012 release "Chasing Ghosts", and more. 

The Amity Affliction refined themselves on "Misery", and the liveshow perfectly reflects on that. While the lyrical content of the band’s music has remained more or less the same, tracks on "Misery" gave the band time to experiment with new vocal techniques, electronics and more. This translates exceptionally well in the live setting, which made for the best The Amity Affliction show I’ve seen yet (and I’ve seen them quite a few times now).

We photographed the three live acts and you can check out Eva van Kuik’s photos in the galleries below!

Endless Heights

The Plot In You

The Amity Affliction