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Lowlands Review: Sleeping With Sirens


Today would mark the fourth time we got to witness Sleeping With Sirens live. First time was when the band toured together with Pierce The Veil, the second and third time were both the headliner shows they played in Amsterdam earlier this year. Everytime we’ve seen them, their performance improved in comparison to the last time we saw them. Their performance at the 24th edition of Lowlands was no exception.

The band expressed an energy and passion level I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting from Sleeping With Sirens. Frontman Kellin Quinn did not stand still a second and was constantly connecting with the audience. Justin Hills had his freak on and was constantly making gestures at the audience, sometimes even ‘inappropriate’ ones.

The setlist was filled with Madness tracks and some old fan favourites such as ‘If You Can’t Hang’.
It was noticeable that the band was having a great time and it affected the audience in the most positive way. As if the fans weren’t hyped enough already, at the end the frontman even took a ride on the hands of the crowd, making absolutely sure everyone left satisfied.

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