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Concert Review: Architects & Stick To Your Guns @ Amsterdam


Some gigs I struggle to come up with things to write about, to find things that made a band stand out, a certain thing which they did better than the rest.
Not this gig though, this gig was so remarkable and unique, I feel I could write an entire book on the matter.
After long scrapping and adding, I’ve managed to narrow it down to the review you’re about to read. The words will not possibly captivate you as much as the audience was last night, but hopefully it’ll prepare you, aswell as maybe even persuade you into buying a ticket yourself for an upcoming Architects gig near you.

Unfortunately we had to miss Bury Tomorrow due to the enormous queue in front of the Amsterdam venue De Melkweg who still only opens the venue 30 minutes prior to the start of the first band. When you’re checking everyone’s bags etcetera, 30 minutes is not enough time to let in over a thousand people into your venue.

Luckily we were inside and well ready for Stick To Your Guns to start their energetic set. The hardcore band recently released a new EP from which several tracks were being played. Of course old material was being played aswell.

They kicked off their set with their arguably most -known track ‘Nobody’. Starting their set with a bass-heavy track that everyone can sing along to is probably the best decision they could have made. Continueing with an overly hyped audience, hardcore band Stick To Your Guns destroyed the room one song at the time. Whirling moshpits took over while Stick To Your Guns rushed through a pretty long set (for a support) filled with bangers from all different era’s. Among others, ‘Such Pain’ was on the setlist, as it has been for years. The song was introduced by a small speech about the world we’re currently living in. “If you hate the state of the world and just sit around and do nothing about it, my friends, you’re part of the problem” were the words before the room was ripped to shreds once again when the song kicked in.

From latest EP ‘Better Ash Than Dust’, both ‘Universal Language’ and ‘The NeverEnding Story’ were played. Throughout the set it became pretty clear to everyone involved: Stick To Your Guns are here to do what they do oh so well: to play aggressive music and make you think. A job well done!

When Stick To Your Guns departed from the stage, a black curtain immediately dropped from the sky, removing any sight of the stage for the audience. On the banner was ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ projected.
The last two times we saw Architects was earlier this year as support for Parkway Drive and on their headliner back in 2014. Both times, Architects managed to blow my mind but this time was absolutely surreal.
Their production, their lightshow, everything has gotten a significant boost since the last time they toured Europe as a headliner.

The honor of opening the glorious set went to ‘Nihilist’, albumopener of ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’, a mere taste of what’s to come.
‘Nihilist’ jumps right in and so did the crowd, as soon as frontman Sam Carter opened his mouth, moshpits were summoned. As most Architects song do so well: they hit you like a fucking truck. The live performance of this song was no different than the album version, it makes you feel things you didn’t even know you could feel.
Architects played as tight as ever, and were confident given the condition. Frontman Sam Carter must have said 5-6 times throughout the night how thankful he was for the support and the fact that there were 1200 fans present in that very room screaming the words to their songs on top of their lungs.
The UK hardhitters continued their set with various tracks from their discography, ranging from ‘Hollow Crown’ up to ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ (obviously). Songs from all era’s were appreciated equally and over the course of the night, the moshpit grew bigger and bigger.

Chilling speeches about making ‘ a fucking difference in the world starts with you’, brutal walls of death and all-round just an epic night of heavy music is what you can expect at a Architects gig in 2016. Not to mention the highly increased in quality lightshow and background screen which was a huge projector projecting several Architects artworks at the appropriate time. Architects have stepped up their game, I cannot tell you this enough.

Last song on the setlist was ‘Naysayer’ and what an ending it was. Last ounches of strength and energy were summoned by both the band and the audience to wrap up a sensational evening.

Of course after walking off stage, the band returned for another two tracks from latest album ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’. Both singles ‘A Match Made In Heaven’ and ‘Gone With The Wind’ were given the honor to close the night. After ‘A Match Made In Heaven’, frontman Sam Carter finally adressed the elephant in the room: The recently deceased Tom Searle. Loving words were spoken in his honor and Carter aswell as the audience couldn’t keep it together. At several moments through his speech, Carter couldn’t keep up his speech due to the overwhelming emotional and pain the band is still feeling. At these points, the audience took over with an eardeafening applause, encouraging Carter to finish his speech.

Following the emotional speech given by frontman Samuel Carter, the audience was completely captivated in a moment of pure and utter respect towards the band that has been suffering a great deal since the loss of Tom Searle. A moment between band and fans that could not possibly have been more pure and respectful, while ‘Gone With The Wind’ was played with a devastating amount of emotion, marking the end of a night filled with emotions, a huge middlefinger to politicians everywhere and life lessons learned by Samuel Carter and Jesse Barrett but most of all: Heavy music.

Written by Eva van Kuik