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Fall Out Boy Announce Release Date New Single ‘Love From The Other Side’

After endless teasing, Fall Out Boy have finally revealed some details surrounding new music! On the 18th of January, Fall Out Boy are finally releasing their new single Love From The Other Side.

The single Love From The Other Side is just the beginning, as Fall Out Boy put in the announcement that there is ‘lots more to come soon’.

The teasing included an IG story from Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes who received a seashell from the band, which made speculations for Fall Out Boy to release their single soon. The fact that Oliver Sykes was the one to break the news, could this be a collaboration? It’s all speculative at this point, guess we will have to wait and see what we get on the 18th of January! (page continues below tweet)

Check out the announcement below and let us know if you are excited for new Fall Out Boy Music to release very, very soon!